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  1. Well after almost 4 weeks in beautiful Canada sadly I’m heading back to Arkansas,I just wanted to thank the people who gave me tips on where to fish and even commented on my posts.You have a great fishery here and some very kind people also I look forward to making the trip back for the fall run, if any you of you guys ever travel south send me a note and i will be happy to help you get on the fish.
  2. Went out mon from bluffers thanks for the advice The Drifter!! Went sw to 150ft and had all my fish in less than 3 hours despite the rough water. Bites were from 90 to 40 had one break 20# leader wish i had caught that!!!!!
  3. I’ve decided to head up to the Toronto area to chase the silver sides anyone have a good spot to launch where i can spend the night on the boat without having to be right in the downtown area? I’m coming from Kingston so the east side would be preferable any help would be appreciated!!!!!!
  4. Launched at the harbourview ramp went west on a hunting trip saw nothing on the screen turned around and headed towards scotch bonnet lost a huge Laker at the boat and that was the only fish we saw the laker hit at 50 fow on a silver purple spoon.Heading back to the ducks tomorrow hopefully the bugs wont eat me alive.
  5. Well today back to ducks and the bugs were insane,one fish and that was it they were between 80 and 40ft water temp was 48.7.as it got warmer the bugs drove us away at least we got one!!
  6. I’m going back tomorrow im in the Boston Whaler with a green top.head over and say hi!!
  7. 27-25-20 and the weather was wonderfull bugs were hideous.
  8. It was main duck specifically north east side of the island.
  9. Fished for lakers today limited out! Largest was about 27# anywhere from 70 to 110 ft.
  10. Fished out of Bath today started marking big fish in the 150 to 200 range across from the power plant went as far south as grape soon as we got in the 90 to 60 ft range the marks all but disappeared, going to duck island on a tip in the morning will give a report good or bad water temp at surface was 56 Fahrenheit.
  11. So i decided to try for Walleyes today despite the gloomy weather,found a few guys who pointed me to a spot that they fish and have good luck with. Sadly the fish didnt feel like playing so tomorrow it’s out to the big lake again I’m going to lunch out of Collins bay and run west from there maybe the fish gods will show mercy will give a report tomorrow.
  12. Oh btw I’m located about 20 min from Kingston and have no problem going wherever anyone wants to launch.
  13. Hello fellow fisherman’s Im on a three week trip from Arkansas I have been reading this forum and hope i can find some advice,i have spent a couple of days trying to find fish and so far i have that awfull skunk smell lingering on my boat..lol. I started in Gananoque and went east to the big bridge, have seen lots of marks but no bites so i figure im doing something wrong. If anyone wants to have a day on the water for a few tips I will supply the boat fuel and launch anywhere you say to go. I am after lakers and salmon and walleye, im using a 21 boston whaler with a live well. I’m hoping my Canadian fishing brothers will be able to help, i will go where you want even pick you up i just want to get on the fish but this task has proven to be way harder than i ever thought it would be.pm me if you are interested im ready to catch fish i just need a bit ....ok a lot of help..lol thanks in advance.
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