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  1. Sly41985

    Boat work

    Looking for a place thats is knowledgable/reasonable to do some boat repair. Fiberglass exterior/interior. Have some spider cracks and a few old holes from previous rod holder/down riggers as well as other misc equipment. Also possible doing some rewiring for adding a few new toys, depth finders, lights, radio. I wish i could do this stuff myself but unfortunately have no idea how. I am from watertown area. Thanks a lot for your help guys indonappreciate it!!!
  2. Thanks for all of the help fellas i do appreciate it! id be using the downriggers for browns, pike, walleye, muskies, id like to get into salmon but i do not have the other equipment for that. So as far as rod/reel combo something that could possible cover most of that Irish buoy i send you a text message! I figured i could buy manuals and have them for our smaller boat once i buy electric onse in a few years. Again thanks for all the help!
  3. Looking at possible getting 2 manual downriggers. Weve never used them before, was just wondering which ones are worth buying. We fish primarily walleye/pike/muskies/bass. Would like to get into salmon/trout. So would like a rigger that could do it all. Also what would be a decent downrigger rod/reel combo? Thanks for all the help! I do appreciate it.
  4. Apprently hank it is! Hahaha thanks for all the help guys i do appreciate it!
  5. Just wondering where guys take their mercruisers to get serviced and tuned up? From watertown area but wouldnt mind traveling as far as oswego. I know there are a lot of shops along lake O. Also boat is getting towards 2000hrs just wondering a place people have gotten mercruisers rebuilt. Its a 4.3 what should i expect for cost as far as rebuild goes. Thanks guys i do appreciate the help!
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