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  1. Thanks copy that! Just wanted to make sure 👍 thank you!
  2. looking at purchasing a kicker motor for penn yan tempest, 21ft hardtop, biggest concern is shaft size. would 20' shaft be fine or should i be looking for something longer. thinking of 9.9 also. thanks for all the help i appreciate it!
  3. 👍 thanks for the reply i do appreciate it!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I called them today, hes going to see if he can get me in this winter. Thanks for the help!
  5. Looking for a reputable/honest/fair business to look at my boat for possible stringer transom repair. Was told engine mounts were rotten. When they dug deeper said stringers were too. Located in watertown ny. Thanks for all the help guys i do appreciate it!
  6. Looking for a place thats is knowledgable/reasonable to do some boat repair. Fiberglass exterior/interior. Have some spider cracks and a few old holes from previous rod holder/down riggers as well as other misc equipment. Also possible doing some rewiring for adding a few new toys, depth finders, lights, radio. I wish i could do this stuff myself but unfortunately have no idea how. I am from watertown area. Thanks a lot for your help guys indonappreciate it!!!
  7. Thanks for all of the help fellas i do appreciate it! id be using the downriggers for browns, pike, walleye, muskies, id like to get into salmon but i do not have the other equipment for that. So as far as rod/reel combo something that could possible cover most of that Irish buoy i send you a text message! I figured i could buy manuals and have them for our smaller boat once i buy electric onse in a few years. Again thanks for all the help!
  8. Looking at possible getting 2 manual downriggers. Weve never used them before, was just wondering which ones are worth buying. We fish primarily walleye/pike/muskies/bass. Would like to get into salmon/trout. So would like a rigger that could do it all. Also what would be a decent downrigger rod/reel combo? Thanks for all the help! I do appreciate it.
  9. Apprently hank it is! Hahaha thanks for all the help guys i do appreciate it!
  10. Just wondering where guys take their mercruisers to get serviced and tuned up? From watertown area but wouldnt mind traveling as far as oswego. I know there are a lot of shops along lake O. Also boat is getting towards 2000hrs just wondering a place people have gotten mercruisers rebuilt. Its a 4.3 what should i expect for cost as far as rebuild goes. Thanks guys i do appreciate the help!
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