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  1. Hi im looking to come up to Ontario on Thursday 4/25 to avoid the wind that supposed to be around on sat.I have a small boat 16` and I have never fished up here by myself.I have gone on a larger boat a couple of times Is there a place I can go that's better for beginners,I don't want to piss people off if I make mistakes which im sure will happen (another reason to come up during the week)
  2. Was out there when this happened and I see some people in small boats that should never be out there. Kinda scary, no fish is worth your life.Glad to see everyone made it back ok .
  3. Was thinking about going up this weekend (sat). I have a small 16 ft bass tracker deep v with two riggers . Can I catch anything staying closer to shore? Don't want to go out to far until I get to know the lake better, also have an mast with otterboats would it be worth the trip to fish close or do i need to venture out a long way?
  4. Great thanks for the info I like the idea of the weight,instead of having to fight a dipsey diver!
  5. may sound dumb but i`m real new at this and need some help.When `im trolling for browns do i need a leader if i`m using braided line? And if i`m trolling spoons,what keeps them down in the strike zone If i`m not using a downrigger? thanks for any info...
  6. Hi all new to this site, and fishing this lake! I have a 16 ft bass tracker pro guide,and hope to do some fishing this year. im looking for some info on how to troll for browns early spring .I have spinning rods mostly but do have a line counter reel spooled with 10lb spectra and a reel with 18 lb lead core which i used to troll for lakers. I have two downriggers also.hope to learn a bunch on here and have a lot of fun fishing this year.......
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