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  1. Pair of Super Ski Planer boards. $100 Call or text 585-313-7631
  2. We did very well today from mouth of Sandy to cowsucker 130 to 160 fow good temp,marks and bait 65 to 75 down.
  3. Left launch at 5:30am motored out to 550' fow and deployed a 6 rod spread. 5 for 15 today not a great batting average and fish hawk batteries had other plans so no down temp or speed had to go old school. Smiles and memories with the boys made up for it and we had a great morning on Lake O. Worked 550' fow south to 350' fow smaller kings and a nice steelhead offshore slid into 120' and picked up a 17lb king to end our trip at noon. Spoons that worked were UV "Sandy Slammer" and UV Bad toad. UV green chin music spin doctor with uv green meat rig did well also. Not too many fleas out deep tons of fleas inside. Tight lines and best of luck to everyone. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  4. Yes sir that is my Grandfather he lived near Krony's. I appreciate the comment Whaler he was a wealth of knowledge on and off the water.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  5. Thank you! Everything seems to come full circle at times. I've been fishing the Sandy Creek Hamlin NY area since I was 3yrs old. From fishing with my father aboard his boat and logging many of hours on my grandfather's charter boat "Catchalot" Brushcut Charters. I think about the area near the pump house where we caught and released many of small lake trout in the past that I probably crossed paths with that giant lake trout many years ago. Thankful everyday to live near and fish the great fishery on the south shore of Lake Ontario.
  6. The length was 42" not sure on the girth I would agree similar fat belly measurements coworker is sending it to the taxidermist.
  7. Left Launch around 5:15am set up 150 fow NW troll to 350fow 225 to 250 was best 2 good kings,steelhead and a bunch of shakers. Pulled rods around 9am and ran west of Devils nose fished 80 fow to 100 headed back east to the mouth with a bunch of Browns and a giant Lake trout 35lbs coming to the net. Fun memorable day had by all.
  8. Black size #1 diver clear snubber snap swivel with 8.5' 9' seaguar fluorocarbon to size 2 dual lock snap to spoon. Good luck πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
  9. Using the Bay Rat (short shallow) stick baits that work high in the water column was a unexpected King bite and a bonus of the day. Best of luck to everyone getting out on the water.
  10. The water temp today was mid 40's and a mix of green and clear the key is finding the green water you will hook up more and don't be afraid to bump that speed up when the water clears its like a reaction bite in the clearer water. 2.5 to 2.8 mph was what took most the strikes today. Run shorter leads in dirty water longer leads in clear water. Hope this helps best of luck.
  11. Left I Bay around 7:30am set up near Webster Park heading east turned around just before Smoky Point and pulled rods 12:30pm back at the park. Mixed bag today 4 Kings on 2 came to the net 2 coho and 20+ browns. Just east of the park was best 15 to 20 fow everything fired today sometimes 4 on at once. The MVP again was my custom bait from Bay Rat Tricky Ricky taking 3 of the 4 king bites 130' behind the OR-12 board. Stinger spoons on boards 110' to 120' with 1/4oz split shot. Divers out 22 to 28' down riggers 40-45' back down 12'-18' pictures of best colors below. Tight lines and best of luck to everyone enjoying this great fishery.
  12. Left I Bay around 7:30am pulled rods at 11am 20+ browns came to the net today plus a bonus white fish. 10 to 15fow was best from Webster Park to Smoky Point. Bay rats back 110',100,90 behind the OR-12 boards. Down riggers back 45' from the ball down 8' to 10' colors that worked well were (spoons) Purple Clown and UV Caddy Shack.(stick baits) Ridin Dirty,Glow Citric Shad, and Tricky Ricky which is a custom design I had painted up from Bay Rat did the most work today.
  13. Started out launching from Bald Eagle Marina. We were welcomed by a beautiful sunrise and calm seas from Lake O which was the start to a great day on the water. Setup in 70fow NE troll and slowly worked our way out to 300fow. Within 30 sec the 40 rigger fires and then followed by the port side slide diver and from there it was non stop action even pulling the last rods at noon we were doubled up once again! Ended the day 37 for 41 multiple doubles and tripled up at times awesome day! All Kings at a variety of depths riggers at 40 to 75 down,slide divers 30 back and out 80 to 220. 150 copper and 10 color lead core 3 color 5 color it all worked! Fun was had by all today and Lady O didn’t disappoint a day I will never forget.Tight lines and best of luck to everyone enjoying our world clsss fishing on the South Shore!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  14. Water is high but as of now the launch is open enter with caution. Another solid day out of Sandy Tight lines 🎣best of luck to everyone.
  15. Left the Launch at 6:00am motored out to the Nose and set up for a east troll to Cowsucker. Went 18 for 22 10 Kings 7 Lakers 1 Brown at the end pulling rods. Finding the Green water was key today 30-35 fow speeds 2.3 2.5. 3 bites on the riggers Was mostly a slide diver 2 and 3 color lead core bite. Spoons that worked were Chilly Willy,Uv Inmate Orange, Uv Caddy Shack,Uv Beef eater,Purple clown,glow green frog.
  16. I will agree they do have some wonderful colors. Very healthy fish we had one that was coughing up gobies.
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