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    Barker - 22' C-Dory Angler
  1. Up until a month ago I had an old family hunt/fish camp on Barker - two lakes in past Ashby/30 Island. Barker is a great for lakers and 'grey' trout - we always did well either flat-lining after ice out around the Queen's birthday or running cow bells with a 2" perch on the leader. King is the second lake in on that chain. It is stocked with bows and it's open to ice fishing. Very productive. Ashby has a mix of this (the lakes flood over during high water and there is some mixing), plus some small mouth.
  2. Grew up fishing inland lakes north of the Mazinaw around Cloyne and Denbigh, ON. I moved to the Yukon in 2009 and now predominantly fish Tagish Lake.
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