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  1. https://www.lre.usace.army.mil/Missions/Great-Lakes-Information/Great-Lakes-Water-Levels/Water-Level-Forecast/Weekly-Great-Lakes-Water-Levels/ This is great site for everything you need to know about Great Lake levels, past, present and forecast. Right now Lake O is about 244 feet, down about 8 inches from long term average. Data goes back 100 years. It is 35 inches lower than the highest monthly avg for March and 21 inches higher than the lowest monthly March average [1935] which is amazing. In both 2017 and 2019 levels exceeded 249 feet which resulted in tremendous shoreline erosion and property damage, especially when the lake starts to churn, which is often. I never want to see that again. Last year was higher than average water levels but not critically high. The lake levels will come back to normal. I hope the outflows from the St Lawrence River can balance precipitation activity across the region. I hope the moon landing was not faked. Everything else I have believed in seems to be the target of revisionist history.
  2. I am from out of state and have my boat in a barn at this marina. Can anyone tell me if marina is shut down due to virus and if so when will they reopen? Tried phone calls, emails no response and there are no notifications online. I see the county docks open on the 15th. Thanks
  3. Thanks, will do. Guess I was all in when drilled 8 holes in boat for pedestals. Will try dipsys once I get downriggers figured out. Downriggers sat in box for 3 years until I gave up on bass and perch fishing near Pt Breeze.
  4. Setting up my boat for downrigger's and now I need to find a place that can set me up with everything I need to get started. Have 2 rods, reels, 2 cannon mag 5's. Need a place to walk me through what I need. Narby's and Capt Cove closest, but will travel to get the right stuff. Baby stepping into this maze. Any insight is appreciated.
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