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  1. Thanks NymphO. She does handle very well. I've been in some bumpy water and I know she's up to the task but it's just difficult juggling setting up rigs and steering in windy conditions.
  2. New to the community. Not sure if my rig is worthy of mentioning but here it is nonetheless. Mid 80's SC-170 Sea Nymph with the same year class 50hp EL Mercury with a few riggers, planar board mast, and a minnkota that's nearly as old as me and a mini lowrance. She ain't the prettiest girl at the party but she's loyal, tried and true. She takes me out and gets me back in, usually with a few in the box. Good luck and safe fishing! The Opal Eye
  3. Launched out of West Branch Twelve Mile in Wilson which is my regular routine and stayed within 200fow. Marked fish all throughout the water column over 130-200fow with the larger marks in the the 40-80 zone and a few down deeper. I don't have my speed/temp sensor installed yet (an old Brandnew cannon speed-n-temp) so I usually keep my eyes on the graph and adjust accordingly. All of my fish this year have been inside of 250 but I usually have to work for them also because of the size of my boat and the fact that I fish alone I don't push my luck on the Big "O". Today's catch came on a wired #1 dipsey/dodger/fly on a 1 setting back 150'. I'm guessing it was close to 70' down but I was also turning port side with that rod set on my starboard. Not sure if the king was up a little higher or if it was tracking while I turned and that triggered a bite. Was hoping to get out early tomorrow but I might get blown -off. Good Luck and safe fishing! Just for the sake of clarity the first pick was the only fish hooked and taken the other two pictures were separate outings.
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