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  1. Hello from Depew! Box still available? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Bought an extra when I acquired my new Terrova. Sold boat. Unit is never used, but is out of the box. For that reason I’m taking $125. No less Inbox me if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. There’s enough fish out there for everyone and if you’re like me outings are far and few between. So when I can go it’d be nice to have firm reports help to make it memorable trip. Life’s too short to be an ****. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Shot west at first light to the eastern most edge of the bar. Worked south from 180-240. Temp @ 55’ was 52. Worked four lines in that zone with my 12 year old. Marked fish on the screen almost the entire time. Would’ve caught as many as we could handle but giving the little one most the action held a fight clock of 15-20 minutes per fish! Lol. Couldn’t really keep lines down. Lost a couple giants. Snapped one rig equipped with 50lb mono clean off. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. @battlehammer I agree. Try to get out before dusk. Ripping through mouth of Smokes fishing the same method as you do for Walleye will yield you guys some serious Slaunch Donkeys. I hammered dozens of them a few days ago. That was a blast. I'm relatively new to the Walleye troll. You guys run Huskie's primarily? Or even drop harnesses back? I'm heading out Friday
  6. @battlehammer you heading to Erie for eyes? I've been out twice so far with very limited catches. Trying to leave the egg bearing females alone and have been targeting shallow males after dark, but with the catch rate being slower, I'm thinking about hitting offshore reefs to fill the box. Any success for you so far on spring eyes???
  7. If you’d consider breaking off 10-20 of those spoons I’d be interested. Mainly in the NKs. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Nice job! Heard a lot of guys are killing it out there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Hey bro...sorry for delay, just got back from NOLA. Little bowfishing excursion. Thought about it while there. Really hate to drop a black outfit on when my boats a white out. But, if no one picks it up by March hit me up, if the deals right may scoop it off ya then. Jim Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Bro...aren't you in Guyana? Throw in some empanadas and i'll take it. lol Serious though...i've been shopping out bow mounts. Really want the Riptide as i have a white boat. But would consider yours. Shoot me a call when you get back Jim 560-4993
  11. Hey LOUers! Last year was my first on the “O”. Noticed my catch rates significantly favored the FF combo over spoons. So, to be even better this season, and to try and fill the void this winter, I’ve been making a wide assortment of my own trolling flies. I’ve pretty much got my box ready for the season, and still have a surplus of materials, and time. So if anyone is interested in some, message me direct, and I’ll wip some up for you. I can do any color combo you want. 4”. UV thread. Glow heads. 30lb Flouro with VMC trebles, and Owner 4/0 with UV beads. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Straight out to 350-400 FOW. Frequent bait marks all in the 80-100 FOW range. Fun steelhead action all day. Trolled ashore and started seeing some bigger marks closer to 350 FOW. Had two takes, thought both were going to snap rods. Likely Kings. After a shake or two both managed to spit the hooks. FF & FNK Jim
  13. Thanks Sennac. Thats similar to what I am currently running now. I'm hesitant to run the lines that close though as the big pro troll tends to hang up and cross into the stacker line. I'm going to try Gills recommendation and run the bottom line further away from the clip than the stacker. That might allow me to run the stacker closer to the ball and thermocline without getting tangled up.
  14. Thanks Gill... I do have rod holders positioned in a way that allows me to create good separation between the down rod and any subsequent stackers. When researching stackers I read a post from a Pac NW angler and he suggested running the down rod with a shorter lead, then running the stacker about 10-15 longer. You're recommendation is the opposite. That could be why I'm having issues! If I am to run stackers how close to the down rod should I run them? Right now, to alleviate the possibility of tangles I've been separating by 20-40'. But feel like I'm compromising the bite by presenting lures out of the hot zone. If I want to run the stacker closer, how far back should I set the down rod, and how far back should I set the stacker to get more bites?
  15. Only the 4th time up this season in the new boat. Conditions were difficult to manage but still boated a three man limit. All fish 15-20lb class besides a couple shorts. Nothing shallow. All over 350-450 FOW. Managed to break off two rigger balls somehow!? Have to think the 4’ waves added some stress to the lines? Not sure but still managed multiple fish after running wire dipsies at 300. I’ve got a 18’ G3 FS. Not by any means a wave cutter but good enough to get out deep safely! I could use some advice on stacking rigger lines. Every time I try I end up in a tangle or fish strikes the down rod and runs into the stacker. Any advice on feet of separation from down rod to stacker depth and difference in distance back from the rigger line? I’d like to start picking up a steelie or some Browns here or there too. Any advice is appreciated.
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