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  1. 2015 StarCraft Fishmaster 210 2015 Yamaha F 200 Four Stroke with digital Troll Controll 50 rpm increments. Vantage Tandem Axle Trailer. $ 41500.00 for all listed below. Sold back in January off this site, not sure what final sale price was.
  2. Rusty - Do you have an electric motor on the bow & batteries in the front storage compartment to help balance out the weight?
  3. I've been looking at the pics alot, but at 50K it's still too much for me. If you'd remove a few more things that I don't need, I'd have to take a hard look. But realistically, we're a ways off and I should keep looking. Thanks.
  4. If these are still available, I'll give you $25. for both. Thanks.
  5. Are these still available? I would probably offer you $60. for both.
  6. Beautiful boat but it's out of my price range. I've been looking for a Fishmaster 196 & saw yours. Does the MinnKota have the Ipilot link? I assume it's the 112# thrust 36V 72" shaft? How much without the rod holders? I don't need the marine radio or the fishfinder either. If you got the price down to the low 40's, we might be able to make a deal.
  7. Yeah I do, but that depends on what I'm buying, the year, what kind of shape the boat is in, and how it's equipped. A 2011 I'd be interested in. What are you asking for yours? Could you send me some pics to my email ([email protected]) and tell me a little about it? We can go from there. Thanks.
  8. 1999 is too old, looking for one less than 10 year old. Thanks for the reply
  9. Looking for a Starcraft Fishmaster 196 less than 10 years old. The more fish equipment the better.
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