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  1. wow ....sweet looking boat
  2. That is a beautiful boat.
  3. Yes, I saw it was a 2050. Thanks for the info. I am definitely looking for fish-master 196 with 150 Yamaha. I have 1930 Lowe boat now but want to upgrade and it will be my last boat at my age of 63. Hopefully something will come up. I'm in no hurry but if the right deal pops up I ready to pull the trigger. Thanks guys for all the feed back. I live in the rochester area but am willing to travel if some thing comes up.
  4. Thanks dpiazza I would definitely like to check it out to see how it preforms if I haven't found one yet . Also Kwall I couldn't find the one at vics with 150 hrs on the main motor.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. What size evinrude are you running and is it a 4 stroke.
  6. Thanks for the info Sammy but I am looking for something newer.
  7. Looking for used 2010 to 2017 starcraft 196 fish-master. Must have 4 stroke ,Prefer Yamaha 4stroke. Not interested in a boat that was used in salt water.
  8. Monroe1600

    Wanted WTB - Fishmaster 196

    Please send me info on boat I am interested. Send to [email protected]