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  1. Sorry if this is too late for you, but based on the DEC's webpage, it sounds like there's a lot of vegetation in the water there, so I'd probably recommend bass fishing with soft baits on a Texas rig for minimal frustration. If you've got kids you want to entertain, you might also be able to find a spot where a dropshot or bobber with worms will bring home some panfish.
  2. Hi, all. Going to be spending the last week of Aug in a place on the river, just north of Chippewa Bay & Blind Bay. Before the rest of the family gets up, I'll see what I can catch from the dock, but after they get up, what are some good spots to take the kids fishing for some high probability shore fishing?
  3. Anyone know if the Taughannock North Point shore is clear enough for some shore fishing? Is it usually pretty clear there, with the creek flowing in?
  4. Thanks, looks like I'll be hitting Taughannock. Sounds like folks have been getting good results throwing spoons? Any tips appreciated.
  5. Sorry for the confusion -- I meant fishing from shore
  6. I'm over in Lansing, and my son is asking how soon we can go out again Is anyone fishing Myers Point/Salt Point? Would it be better to hop over to Taughannock?
  7. I'm fairly new to the area and I don't have a boat, so I've been wondering if there are some good fishing spots from shore around the southern end of Cayuga Lake or its tributaries. Fall Creek by Stewart Park? Salmon Creek/Myers Point/Salt Point? Thanks for any suggestions . . .
  8. Thanks, everyone, for all the great advice -- we just got back and had an awesome time. We were out there 8-10 hours over the course of each day, pulling in plenty of panfish using worms, as well as some undersize bass and pike on spinners and spoons (lots of fun reeling in those pike, less fun unhooking them haha). I lost a real nice largemouth (probably 16-17") in the weeds just a couple of feet from the dock -- of course, nobody else was there to see it My daughter got in on the act as well, and the kids even managed to pull their cousin away from his Pokemon games and got him fishing too (you have no idea what a miracle *that* is). Awesome, awesome trip and looking forward to doing it again sometime.
  9. I'll be heading up to Alexandria Bay (actually, Carnegie Bay) for a few days at the end of the month -- any suggestions on where to go for some shore fishing? Trying to get my son hooked, so quantity may be better than quality Thanks in advance
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