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  1. The year before I bought my set up I went on a charter that was using a Motor Guide and Lowrance setup. I made sure I asked all kinds of questions about his setup and how it worked. His set up was a 22'6" Ranger Glass deep V with a 105 Xi5 36v and networked Gen 2 Touch Lowrance. His boat probably weighs twice my boat. We fished 8 hrs in 18" to 30" waves no problems. He did everything through the Lowrance unit. I can't remember him using the remote but he had one. Look at it as a complete system. Lowrance, Simrad, Motor Guide or Hummingbird, Minnkota. Mix them and the motors won't be able to communicate with the fish finders and you loose probably most of the reasons for buying it in the first place. I alread owned a Lowrance HDS and a Minnkota PD 55 so replaced the Minnkota with a Motor Guide 80 and went that route. If you like Lowrance or Simrad fish finders go Motor Guide. Hummingbird go Minnkota. If your a Garmin or Raymarine fan sorry your out of luck. What voltage and which size group of batteries? I went from a 55 12v to a 80 24v because the higher the voltage the more efficent the setup is, I also would have had to go to 2 batteries for the 12v system so I would have the capacity to fish for 6 to 8hrs without killing the batteries. If your thinking 24 or 36 you will need 2 larger batteries or 3 smaller size group of batteries. I have about 150 amp hours of reserve power total in my 2 batteries, your boat is 2' longer and probably 2' wider. Your going to need more reserve power than I do. The 80 will move your boat unless it's a heavy glass boat. I never use over 50% trolling you would use more but not that much more. Say you need 35% more reserve power, this is a subjective number I chose you may need more or less but think it is a realistic expectation. That means you would need apx 200 amp hrs total or 2 - 100 amp hr batteries. If you had a 36v system you need the same 200 amp hr in 3 batteries of 67 amp hrs. What fits best in your boat 2 big batteries or 3 smaller batteries.
  2. I have a 17' Legend with 80 Xi5 and use 2-27 series deep cycle batteries. Absolutley love it. I have it networked with my 2 lowrance HDS units. You can fish in waves that is impossible with a rear only trolling motor. The back sets your speed and the front pulls you to keep you no the path line. I pick a point an my mapping and push go to button then you set the % of power you need to keep on course. Normal is about 23% as the waves and wind increases I have gone up to 50% in 30" waves. There is a bit of a learning curve to it but once you get used to it you set it and don't turn it off till the end of the day. Never had issue with batteries. I use the turn function all the time 6 lines in including to plainer boards and never have fouled lines. Just set it for max turn of 820' and no problems. No human can keep you on course like these units can. Fishing is a lot more enjoyable when your not untagling lines.
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