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  1. Are the whites all glow? willing to break up the batch taking the right side, all the black, and the pink and purple halo's? Not interested in the green yellow stuff...nice old school collection...
  2. When I was 14 when my dad bought the camp just north of sandy pond i was intrigued with the charters going out and took my 14' grumman running next to them with one rod in my hands with a blue and silver #3 hot shot that i picked off the beach with a 3 ounce weight in front of my place and scored a #6 coho. That went to putting me through college at while captaining the FISH WISH at oswego state and fishing with the likes of Ernie and Vince among other legends....love this site ....Thanks
  3. OK they are staging.....get yourself a couple #4 silver bullets and take some green glow and chartreuse crinkle glow tape and put a piece down its back an cut another in half an paste it down the sides. run it back 80-100 feet about 10-15 feet off the bottom where you see them or just about in 10 feet above where the tempy hits the bottom....in front of the salmon river they will stay in the warmer water even though the temp is not there....Old Skool..... good luck bozy on the $25K .....wish i was there....
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