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  1. I will be on Seneca on 9/29 targeting salmonoids. First fishing trip to area, normally fish much smaller water in Connecticut. Being inexperienced on that water, any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  2. Will be at Elmira college to watch my daughter play soccer for Nazareth on 9/29 and will stay over night. Is it a good idea to haul my boat to fish Seneca? I have downriggers and lead core setups. Any advice is welcomed.
  3. You don’t know smug until you spend time in Fairfield county Connecticut.
  4. My daughter just started attending college in Rochester and I have been up there twice so far. I have nothing but great things to say about your community. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming to our entire family. Forum members reached out to me when I joined this forum offering local help right after I joined. All things considered, I can rest easy knowingly my child is 5 hours from home and in an excellent community. Anyone that has a daughter and is reading this knows how important that is! I’m looking forward to coming back up.
  5. Thanks offshore 4. I have good news, Nazareth women’s soccer just beat a higher ranked team. Yeah! cant wait to come back up for Colombus Day weekend.
  6. Wow! What a great welcome. I will pm for sure.
  7. My daughter just started at Nazareth College. Will be coming up to watch her play soccer and sneak out in the off times to stretch a line or two. Looks like at least 4 years of coming up during the same time that the salmon hit the rivers. Will wet a line today before her game. Tight lines!
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