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  1. First trip out for the year. Started a new job and have been working some insane hours. Shot out of the chute at 5:30am and set up shot in 150 fow with an awesome screen. Sent the fishhawk down and found that temp got pushed down. It was 51 down 108 in 150fow. Trolled north out to 250 with a nice screen but no takers. Lake started to get a little chop going out deep so I picked up shop and headed in to 180fow. Set 4 riggers down to 77, 87, 97, and 107. Took a shot on the 77 rigger instantly. Had on a UV Nbk spoon. About 15 minutes later at 8:15 am I hooked up to a 24lb king in 178fow. Down 108 feet. Didn’t know it was hooked until it saw the boat. Fish darted under the boat and got wrapped in 2 rigger wires. I don’t know how we boated that fish but we did. Trolled around until 11am and then headed in. Good thing we did because around 1145 one of the nastiest thunder storms I have ever seen rolled through. Over all I had a pretty screen all day but not many takers. The king I caught has around 10 baitfish in his stomach that were all 5-8 inches. 


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  2. 17 minutes ago, dhhurlburt said:

    What do you typically use to target steelies? Brighter spoons and flies? Is meat effective and does speed matter? What temp do they hide in, or is it more of a wide open water thing? 


    Thank you!!

    Brighter colors but really anything with just a little color. It doesn’t have to be neon or anything... My bread and butter spoon is a black wiggle. You can catch anything that swims on that spoon. Meat may work but I wouldn’t bother if your goal is to catch steelhead. Speed somewhat matters. Anywhere from 2.4-3.0 for me. Temp doesn’t matter much as they stay in the upper 30% of the water column. Fish deeper water for them. 200fow or more. Fish anywhere from 30 to 75 down for steelhead. 

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  3. All was quiet on the radio with everyone gearing up for the Pro Am this weekend. I’m sure they were  all bummed to find temp down well over 120. Decided to screw the Kings and just run some steelhead lines. From 200-250 fow down 45-85 you can smash steelhead all day long. We had hit after hit. Probably 15-20 hits within an hour. A lot of fun having a 30 inch steelhead jumping a few feet out of the water! 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Proline Rob said:

    Looks MINT!!! I hope u get more than a life time of enjoyment out of it. I've got a 94 Proline had it since 2000 and baby the **** out out of her. People are always shocked to find out she's antique :)

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    It is in great condition. Thankfully the stringers and transom were replaced already which is a huge plus.

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  5. Hey guys! 

    I just purchased my first designated Lake O boat! So pumped! It’s a 93 Penn Yan 212 Tournament with all the goodies.

    4 mag 10’s

    planer reel

    fish hawk x4

    2 finders


    I can’t wait to hopefully get after some Browns and Kings!!! 



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  6. Hey guys!

    I am a college student looking for my first salmon boat! I am looking at a 1993 penn yan 212 tournament. It has many things included: fish finders, fishhawk, rocket rod holders, planer mast and reels, 4 cannon mag 10’s autopilot, full enclosure, radio, etc... I was wondering what you guys think it would be worth? Transom and stringers replaced last year. He is asking 10,000. Does this seem fair? I was thinking it is a little high. I was thinking of offering 9000. 

    Thanks guys!

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