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  1. What are the favorite Moonshine or Little Cleo glow patterns that everyone likes? For moonshine the most recommendations I've seen are for are Agent Orange, Happee Meal, Wonderbread, Bloody Nose, Flounder Pounder So many to choose from, what would be your top 3?
  2. Thanks Corey. In general, do the fish concentrate in one area of the water column over another? Or is it too hard to predict and I just need to vary my depths as much as possible. And yes, it was definitely frustrating to watch fish jump hour after hour (within casting distance) and not get a single hit on some days. I definitely felt like we were being taunted, lol.
  3. I fished the piers for salmon for the first time last year, without any luck - well I had one hookup for about 5 seconds. The salmon were definitely there - jumpers everywhere most times I fished. Looking back at my notes, from the beginning of the run in mid-Sept to mid Oct, I fished Summerville 6 times, Charlotte 2 times, Webster twice, and Oak Orchard once. I tried various times including 8pm-2am, 4am-8am, and 10am-2pm. I throw about 8 different 3/4oz Cleos (glows at night) - fan casted with varying retrieval speeds. I'm looking to increase my chances this year, so I reviewed the Fishbrain catches from the Genny piers from the last 3 years. Understanding that the sample size isn't that large (28 data points), here are my observations: Most of the catches occur between midnight and 8am, with a majority of those occurring in the few hours before sunrise, leading up until just after sunrise. Understood that there may be some self-selection because specific Fisbrain posters may only fish at certain times. Most of the catches occurred on just a handful of days in the main 4 week salmon run. I wasn't there on any of those days and didn't see anyone catching fish on the days I was out there. Of the pictures where I could see the water in the background, it was very calm As I am semi-retired I have flexibility in my fishing times. That said, I would prefer daylight hours. Here are a few questions: 1) As trolling anglers mostly fish during the day in the spring/summer, are these pre-spawn/staging salmon more easily caught in the dark for some reason? Should I just stick to night time hours this year? 2) I'm going to add some J-13 fire tiger rapalas and #6 Vibrax spinners to my repertoire this year, will this help? 3) Can anyone think of anything else I can improve on? Thanks in advance!
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