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  1. I ordered them from Ebay because they had free 3 day shipping. The prices all were close from there and the stores that had them.
  2. From all the things I've read these drag washers improve the drag on any reel. I'm going to install them on my Okuma Cold Waters.
  3. Is it easy to install to the Dragmaster washers?
  4. You obviously haven't seen the price that boats, motors, and all fishing gear are selling for the last year. Stores are wiped out and people are paying a premium price. This is a very fair price for that motor without the current supply and demand situation.
  5. Ugh I've been looking for 1 of these Maxi's!
  6. I'm looking for a used good condition RAM-D-201U arm. It is the 6" med length arm. Thanks
  7. This stuff is still available. LMK if interested
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