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  1. I agree with Force of One.

    Against the majority, I don’t like those Blacks releases because of the “crimping” of the brass tube around the cable loop that secures the terminal end. I don’t have any confidence in my crimps.

    I do like the Klincher or Big Jon terminal ends (identical). So, I go from my terminal end, to my Fishhawk probe, to a snubber, to my 15lb Shark.

    Additionally, and most hated by the Shark crowd, I drilled a hole in the rear shark fin to clip my Scotty release to. I know, sacrilege.

    It didn’t affect blow back and I like my clip on the weight. I also didn’t like the Scotty clip on the cable. I was finding cable kinks using those cable clipped Scotty releases. My fault, because I didn’t shut the downrigger off in time, but that will happen a lot with me.

    Wow, little off topic, but slightly related.

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