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  1. Great job grinding it out in def tougher conditions than I had.  I’d bet it was rolling pretty good out there 4 miles offshore with that south wind 15-25.  How was the night fishing?…..I wished we had spent some time doing that.  Friday looks like a heavy northwest wind….might blow some of that water back in.  Saturday and Sunday look prime….just make sure u get to the weigh in in time!

  2. 3 hours ago, wishinfishin said:

    Waking up early (middle of the night) and leaving for Huron if wind still checks out to fish the weekend.
    Im in both derbies . Be great to place but im going fishing !
    What was your speed? Guessing around 2mph

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    Gonna be a little windy but it’s coming out of the south and you don’t hafta go way offshore to get them.  Also if a good wind window opens up in the evening don’t be afraid to night fish.  Guys were doing good out of cranberry creek at night.  Our best speed was 1.7 down speed.

  3. Got back last week from 4 days in Sandusky area of Ohio fishing the combo fall brawl/walleye slam derby.  Some pretty incredible cash in these derbies and u can weigh the same fish into both so I’ve been wanting to go play out there in November for a while and even tho we didn’t get a big one it didn’t disappoint.  Landed on some great weather with blue skies and southwest wind 8-20mph which meant it was fishable everyday all day….and tons of fish around to target.

    First couple of days there was some dirty water blowing around the area from some high winds that hit the western basin….was really my first experience with stained water and once we busted out the “Ohio colors” from the crankbait box we were into fish pretty good.  Those wild colored baits that never seem to pull fish out in the eastern basin really shined in that 2’ type of vis condition.  Later in the trip when the water cleared up going back to some of those eastern basin patterns allowed us to keep pulling fish.

    We went a little earlier than I would have wanted due to lining up vacation time with my buddy.  Water temp was 55 degrees and it seemed the 30”+ fish really hadn’t showed up yet.  Our big fish were in the 7-8.5 lb class.  Looks like they’re getting into some bigger ones this week…last year all the big ones were caught just after thanksgiving.  Great learning experience tho in a target rich environment….launched out of cranberry creek Marina just outside Huron which was excellent and would recommend to anyone going out there.  Did 40-50 fish/day except for the higher wind day and had no problems limiting out.  Best baits we’re reef runner skinny sticks, bay rat lxd, dhj14’s, and those WN reapers kicked butt out there.  My first time using them and I can’t wait to give them some run time when the southtowns derby rolls around.





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  4. Yeah I mean I fished the lake trout derby for about 15 years until the size and numbers got so aweful we started blowing it off and fishing the southtowns derby out at Erie.  The final nail in our coffin was when we won the browntrout division with a 4.5lb fish that we almost threw back.  I’ve fished the FL tribs my whole life.  The size , numbers, and health of the fish in Seneca is really poor…every fish we would boat the last few years before we quit were skinny, large heads, and multiple lamprey wounds.  Marking huge schools of bait with maybe 1 mark around them….usually none.  Same story in the creeks….really really unhealthy rainbows oftentimes still dragging lampreys 10miles from the lake.


    You juxtapose that with Cayuga lake just over the hill where they use the weir and lampracide treatments after high water events.  Ur catching big, clean, healthy fish.  Phenomenal size, phenomenal numbers…kinda stupid actually.  I make it a point to look over every fish we catch for lamprey marks and I think I saw 1 out of 30-40 fish boated on Cayuga over 3 trips this summer.


    I didn’t fish Cayuga from the lake in 2010-2014, but from my perspective u have two very similar bodies of water separated by like 10 miles?  One has had active lamprey management….the other hasn’t, and the fishing quality is night and day between them.



    And the fishing quality is night and day.

  5. Mine was steering a bit tough earlier this summer and I got down into my open gunnel where the tube is and noticed a I had a bunch of gear laying on top of it and pinching it down a bit.  After clearing it off and hanging it properly steering was normal.  Possible it could be pinched with a zip tie or something but seems you’d feel that even when not in the water.

  6. I use the chamberlain release which allow you to set a really light tension for those dirty waldos, but still keep good tension on your line when with the rod…even then sometimes they just swim with the ball.  Good to hear u got into em.

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  7. On 6/19/2021 at 5:24 PM, ErieBuck said:

    How does the telescopic feature work on the Denali? Any issues with storage/transport?

    Early and late season lake trout, steelhead and smallmouth make a more expensive rod worth it for me. I caught 2, 7lb walleye this week and neither was able to pull off the Scotty planer board clip. 4lb sheephead, no problem!

    Ive also got some of the Denali telescoping leadcore rods and they are sweet and would pair very well with your tekotas….tho much pricier than other options listed.  If you have a rod locker beware tho….they don’t quite fit in the 7’ lockers on my boat even when collapsed.  Not sure how you lake trout fish but I wouldn’t try a telescoping rod on a downrigger….jmo.

  8. 12 hours ago, C3M said:


    With the short bus flashers, are you running meat rigs, flies or spoons? With the pure rotational movement of the shortbus I was curious if flies/meat would get the same action as a traditional flasher.




    Shortbus makes the triangle rotary flashers but they also make 11” paddles, check out their website.  Big paddle flashers are a staple out on the west coast/Columbia river and also the ocean fishery with cut herring behind them.  I run meat rigs behind the 11”ers.  Behind the triangle rotary flashers u can run pretty much whatever u want (I like to run meat with no teasers).  If u walleye fish try running the small rotary flasher directly off ur bottom bouncer rig with a worm harness or gambler rig behind it.

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  9. If you’re running meat (you should be) def get some of the kingfisher/fish n chip style flashers as well.  I’ve also got some west coast shortbus 11” paddles that have been very effective (no echip).  Got a new Gibbs flasher I can’t wait to get in the water….these flasher are not as speed forgiving as spin doctors (seem to take more fish at a little slower speed) and 11+” flashers have more drag and can make fish act weird when u get them near the boat….but man are they effective for chinook.

  10. Unreal….Wanna guess how the fishing is on onieda right now?


    wife likes coming up here for the week of Fourth of July but every summer I end up trying to fish in top of this mayfly hatch.  Good thing my freezer doesn’t need anymore walleye.

  11. I run longest setback and shallowest running lure the outside, with shorter setbacks and deeper running lures as you get toward the boat….avoiding line tangles is all about the line angle coming off those boards.  I do not run 3 leadcore lines off each side….I think for leadcore you want your shortest core on the outside with your longer deeper cores off the inside.


    Warning tho that big walleyes can break your spread no matter how good your spacing is.  This 11lber ate the outside board and stayed deep (as big ones will do), and got under my middle snap weight.  Some slick work by the net man got him in the boat.




  12. Was def a lot of cottonwood out over the weekend.  Looked like it had snowed when I pulled into Myers point.  Water temp was 58 when we started ....62 when we left.

  13. Stealth can matter a little bit too when the sun gets high and a lot of boat traffic gets on the water.  Having a little more line in the water isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I find that some of those bluebird days around 10 am ish my leadcore lines start out producing my shorter snap weighted lines.  Strictly talking about walleye fishing here.

  14. Ive run the suffix advanced for two years now.  I touched down in 45’ last year with a #9 shad rap on a 5 color going 1.8....was pretty impressed with that.  Gotta use a uni knot to connect though the sheath is very thin and u can’t use a Willis knot.  Fits on my 200 size convectors so that’s why I went with the small diameter/high sink rate.


    Had a teener sheepie eat a crankbait and pull my board under and everything held.  Pretty happy with it, this year I’m gonna try out the 12lb....even smaller diameter.

  15. Small boat harbor boat launch is the best launch I’ve been to in the state....very impressive....great parking....like 8 lanes, wash down stations.  Launched there for the first time a couple weeks ago on a Monday.  I would imagine it gets pretty rockin on a weekend but it’s def built to move people thru.

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