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  1. Yeah, unfortunately this is about 10 years too late.
  2. They’re pricey And on the west coast but Willie boats are now making a removable front walkthrough windshield. Their tiller style sleds are what everyone drives on the west coast and basically bulletproof. Hull design may be a bit off for rough days on Ontario but prolly any tiller would be. https://www.willieboats.com/boats/power-boats/raptor/
  3. Mine was steering a bit tough earlier this summer and I got down into my open gunnel where the tube is and noticed a I had a bunch of gear laying on top of it and pinching it down a bit. After clearing it off and hanging it properly steering was normal. Possible it could be pinched with a zip tie or something but seems you’d feel that even when not in the water.
  4. I use the chamberlain release which allow you to set a really light tension for those dirty waldos, but still keep good tension on your line when with the rod…even then sometimes they just swim with the ball. Good to hear u got into em.
  5. Lotta wood floating around in Cayuga. Be careful running around in plane in the dark.
  6. Are the lexa’s line counters?
  7. Great fish….nice job on the release. Will be thinking about him when the bobber drops this fall.
  8. Ive also got some of the Denali telescoping leadcore rods and they are sweet and would pair very well with your tekotas….tho much pricier than other options listed. If you have a rod locker beware tho….they don’t quite fit in the 7’ lockers on my boat even when collapsed. Not sure how you lake trout fish but I wouldn’t try a telescoping rod on a downrigger….jmo.
  9. Was on the beach at Lewis point the night of July 4th….it def wasn’t over that night.
  10. I like running the meat rigs behind 10” spin dr’s on my wire divers because they seem to have less drag than the 11” paddles.
  11. Shortbus makes the triangle rotary flashers but they also make 11” paddles, check out their website. Big paddle flashers are a staple out on the west coast/Columbia river and also the ocean fishery with cut herring behind them. I run meat rigs behind the 11”ers. Behind the triangle rotary flashers u can run pretty much whatever u want (I like to run meat with no teasers). If u walleye fish try running the small rotary flasher directly off ur bottom bouncer rig with a worm harness or gambler rig behind it.
  12. If you’re running meat (you should be) def get some of the kingfisher/fish n chip style flashers as well. I’ve also got some west coast shortbus 11” paddles that have been very effective (no echip). Got a new Gibbs flasher I can’t wait to get in the water….these flasher are not as speed forgiving as spin doctors (seem to take more fish at a little slower speed) and 11+” flashers have more drag and can make fish act weird when u get them near the boat….but man are they effective for chinook.
  13. Unreal….Wanna guess how the fishing is on onieda right now? wife likes coming up here for the week of Fourth of July but every summer I end up trying to fish in top of this mayfly hatch. Good thing my freezer doesn’t need anymore walleye.
  14. I run longest setback and shallowest running lure the outside, with shorter setbacks and deeper running lures as you get toward the boat….avoiding line tangles is all about the line angle coming off those boards. I do not run 3 leadcore lines off each side….I think for leadcore you want your shortest core on the outside with your longer deeper cores off the inside. Warning tho that big walleyes can break your spread no matter how good your spacing is. This 11lber ate the outside board and stayed deep (as big ones will do), and got under my middle snap weight. Some slick work by the net man got him in the boat.
  15. Was def a lot of cottonwood out over the weekend. Looked like it had snowed when I pulled into Myers point. Water temp was 58 when we started ....62 when we left.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAJjdA6b4Ts thought this was a cool video. Gives some insight into why all our lures are green and chartreuse.
  17. Stealth can matter a little bit too when the sun gets high and a lot of boat traffic gets on the water. Having a little more line in the water isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I find that some of those bluebird days around 10 am ish my leadcore lines start out producing my shorter snap weighted lines. Strictly talking about walleye fishing here.
  18. Ive run the suffix advanced for two years now. I touched down in 45’ last year with a #9 shad rap on a 5 color going 1.8....was pretty impressed with that. Gotta use a uni knot to connect though the sheath is very thin and u can’t use a Willis knot. Fits on my 200 size convectors so that’s why I went with the small diameter/high sink rate. Had a teener sheepie eat a crankbait and pull my board under and everything held. Pretty happy with it, this year I’m gonna try out the 12lb....even smaller diameter.
  19. Small boat harbor boat launch is the best launch I’ve been to in the state....very impressive....great parking....like 8 lanes, wash down stations. Launched there for the first time a couple weeks ago on a Monday. I would imagine it gets pretty rockin on a weekend but it’s def built to move people thru.
  20. Meat rigs deep on riggers and meat rigs on slide divers took most of our bites out there over the weekend.
  21. I have a relatively short bunk trailer and couldn’t get my boat off at the north launch even when punching the breaks. Some guys were able to make it....my sense is their trailers were longer from the tongue to the wheels. I had tailpipes in the water. Will reiterate about trimming up at the south end...not just sand either.
  22. Damn those are hot....wish I saw this an hour ago.
  23. Yeah pretty impressive that fish is still out chasing down spoons. Those wounds look like they’re from gravel, but handling fish with gloves on in the creek can remove slime and make them susceptible to infections.
  24. Some combination of windfinder and noaa are what I use. 60% of the time works everytime.
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