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  1. Bobber.....u need a bigger bobber for those heavy senkos
  2. 5” bubblegum yamasenko if u want to catch the big ones!
  3. Prices for the lures?....are they all trolling baits or do you have casting baits as well?
  4. Lakertaker, You may want to consider mooching. Essentially “power jigging” with the rod in the rod holder....would be very straight forward with a kayak. Guys on the west coast pound salmon doing this...no one really does it here but I think it’d be very effective especially for staging fish. Drop that 8oz toropedo down to the bottom with a flasher/meat rig behind it....start pedaling to pull the rig up off the bottom and get it rotating....then pause and let it spin back down. If u have a fishfinder set up right you can prolly watch the whole thing go down and video game fish them.
  5. Man there are some sexy paint jobs on those polish raps. It’s gonna hurt when I run those over a shoal and loose one.
  6. I know a very different action from the tail dancers but I have been crushing big fish on Erie on the dhj14’s. Billed as a cold water bait with a subtle action but I have still been getting bit on them in the hot water out there this July/August. For 10-15$ u can get the customs from warrior, but purple glass perch has been pretty much the only one I’ve needed.
  7. I’ve got a couple rods that need some guide repair, and a couple ice fishing blanks that I’d like built up for ice season. Not looking for an artist with a 2 year wait list, but if anyone knows a reliable rod builder in upstate ny that can build to spec/help me out with some simple repairs I’d appreciate some contact info. Thanks
  8. I’ll buy lot 5 off you. What size are those shad raps?
  9. If ur into ice fishing you can’t go wrong with a cottage on Oneida or chaumont...4 seasons of usage if you have access to running water. You can also do the airbnb thing in the winter and get some of ur tax money back. You’ll def want a snowmobile if ur trying to get to walleye from 3 mile bay. i haven’t spent much time up there in the summer but they have had some high water events the last couple years, and generally although the bay is protected, the lake out there is pretty rough with wind/waves. personally if I could swing Oneida I’d do that...then ur only a little over an hour drive from chaumont. Weather a lot more kid friendly on Oneida during winter than chaumont. I’ve been thinking about the same thing for my family, but with the cost/taxes of lake property renting someone else’s house 2-3 times a year just makes more sense.
  10. It’s actually a striker....same sonar as the echomap but really cheesy mapping and no touch screen. I actually didn’t want a touch screen cause they kind of suck with ur boat pitching around. I use my iPad/navionics for mapping. Much cheaper than an echomap....more screen. Love the garmin, easy to use...the sonar picture shown is the factory settings. Would def recommend side imaging if ur a walleye fisherman. Big thing with the echomaps is they are panoptix compatible (got one of those too for ice fishing/trolling motor).
  11. DO NOT run tattle flags on your walleye boards when fishing for kings. Those wires and springs are not made for chinook.
  12. If you look at the top of the screen you see a clean (white) return in the water column. Down around 20’ you start to see the blue cloudy return (cold water has a higher density...density is what ur fishfinder is measuring). I interpret this as the temperature break and it’s been pretty consistent at 80’-120’ out in Ontario the last couple weekends over deep water....same place where all the fishhawk guys are saying they’re measuring it. This pic was taken out at Erie in June...walleyes going chomp chomp.
  13. Fwiw....I can see the temp/thermocline on my garmin fishfinder most of the time. Not sure u need a fish hawk to find a temperature break. That being said most fish I’ve marked/caught the last couple times out have been above the temperature break.
  14. Yeah I’ve been running the 4”ers with the walleye gambler rigs behind them off 6oz bottom bouncers and have taken some really nice fish on the shoals.
  15. Picked up some of these 8” triangle flashers because of their high flash/low drag. The guys out west crush them on these things. My intent is to run them with a simple meat head/brads cut plug behind a tx44 board using an 8oz torpedo weight to get it down. Tried it out over the weekend and when I pulled it up had a pretty terrible tangle between the meat head and the fish flash. I’m thinking it probably happpened when I first deployed maybe dropping it to quick. Anyone have any experience running these things in the configuration I described? Any tips for deployment to avoid tangles? Thanks
  16. The guy from musselhead uses the plastic trout bead pegs. I stole this idea and used it to repair mine. Works really well, u can slide them around where u want them and not damage the line, but they won’t slide on their own.
  17. Dive curve is on their website...even included with flashers. Met those guys at the Niagara show...they are some pretty serious fishermen and very data driven. They do all their dive chart mapping with smart troll. Haven’t used their torpedos yet for kings but love them for walleye.
  18. Fwiw I contacted the seller about the reels/rods noting that you were closer and had spoken up first in the post, but if the sale fell thru I’d be willing to drive up and get them. The following night he said he hadn’t heard from you so I could come get them if I wanted. Seller is great....even changed out the batteries in the line counters for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy anything from him again. I think he just wanted the gear gone quick and conveniently.
  19. do you splice to a piece of mono or just tie directly to your leader connection?
  20. Going to try this 80lb powerpro for the slide diver and see how it works out. Btw they have 300 yard spoils of 80lb super slick powerpro at Sierra trading post for 20$ a spool.
  21. Great job! I was out there too in a small boat....wind/wave forecast was def a little off. All our bites were on musselhead meat rigs behind 11” flashers out 175’ on a 2 setting. Still had 30lb powerpro on my rigger rods and the fleas were on that very bad especially in the top 40’ of water. Luckily had some 30lb fluoro to quick put a top shot on them.
  22. Are these all size 2?...interested in size 3 if you’ve got them
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