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  1. Great job! I was out there too in a small boat....wind/wave forecast was def a little off. All our bites were on musselhead meat rigs behind 11” flashers out 175’ on a 2 setting. Still had 30lb powerpro on my rigger rods and the fleas were on that very bad especially in the top 40’ of water. Luckily had some 30lb fluoro to quick put a top shot on them.
  2. Are these all size 2?...interested in size 3 if you’ve got them
  3. Looks like you guys got some real solid fish...just got back from a week out there fishing the southtowns derby....best size class of fish I’ve ever seen in that area of the lake. Bay rat black mamba and white belly goby crushed out there for us.
  4. Rented a house up there last year over 4th of July week and there were huge hatches of those especially large hexagenia flies. The fish were stuffed with them puking them all over the live well. Very impressive bug population in that lake right now. Seems like if they didn’t have them they’d be starving to death.
  5. Bay rat xld- Black mamba, chrome blue, goby reef runner- eerily naked, naked purple dhj12 - purple glass perch, custom antifreeze perch deep bandit - chrome blue, sandstorm these are the baits that’s ive had good luck with in both Oneida and Erie....properly set tattle flags are IMO required on Oneida as those fish really don’t pull the boards back
  6. Hey guys....was looking for an adjustable release to use with braid that would allow me to trip the board when running a multi board spread or just hooked into a big fish with inlines. Read some good things about the sam’s pro release and picked some up. Been trying a few different things with them but I can’t get them to consistently trip. Anybody have any advice on these? Which direction to rig (nipple forward vs nipple backward)? Wrapping line from the top vs wrapping from the bottom? Btw currently I have them hard mounted (no split ring) to church walleye boards with tattle flags. Thanks in advance for any help....also if anyone has some other release method really dialed in for braid let me know!
  7. I live in Corning ny. So I fish the chemung and Susquehanna for bass, walleye, muskie out of my drift boat. I’m not much of a fly fisherman but one of my good buddies is and he makes me throw his bug rods whenever we take the driftboat down the river together. ive also got a 17.5 alumacraft that I drag around the state for walleye, salmon, and trout.
  8. this fly works real well for them in the river but it’s heavy and pita to cast...not much different than casting a jig at that point. I’m super bummed about not being able to get my boat in the water for the opener...been preparing for it since ice out. Guess it will be waders and headlamps for me this year.
  9. 2 motors ( main and bow mount TM) with a remote control is game changer for being able to fish alone. The only time I sit at the wheel is when I’m running to and from. I will say trolling into wind and waves with an aluminum boat will still suck/take some management. Those autopilots don’t really like having the wind come straight at them....as soon as the bow turns just a little they over correct hard. Also if it gets bouncy enough that your prop comes out of the water they can act squirrelly. As others have said sometimes you just gotta go with the wind and figure out how to get ur speed right. i love the idea of 2 bags off the bow to keep that bow anchored down in the water a bit more and more stable. I have one big bag that I run straight off the back, when trying to slow down when trolling with the wind...but it sound like I should get a second for the bow when trolling against.
  10. For some perspective, here in Steuben county we’ve had 11 people die in the last two weeks from this. Not NYC, Bath and Hornell. I hear a lot of people talking about how anyone who legitimizes this are sheep and it’s no worse than the flu. 11 people don’t die in nursing homes from the flu in 2 weeks...11 people don’t die in this county in 2 weeks period. On top of that over half the positive tests that came back from that nursing home (residents and workers), were from folks who were asymptomatic....so probably “essential” workers carrying the virus without symptoms and unknowingly infecting/killing old folks...taking it room to room AFTER they passed a thermometer test to be allowed to work. That virus didn’t just show up in that nursing home it traveled there. If nothing else I know I’m traveling a lot less, and will continue to travel less as long as the launches are closed. Sucks to not be fishing but if it keeps someone safe it’s worth it.
  11. Jomat

    for sale : usa Wanted Info

    I have an IPad that I wanted to get more utility out of...so I added a ram mount to my console and bought a standalone GPS receiver and now I use navionics on the ipad for my chartplotting. Shows trajectory, has all the routing, waypoints etc. IPad does burn through batteries pretty quick if u keep the screen on constantly (which I do), I bring along an auxiliary lithium battery to run it from and it goes all day. Allowed me to save some money on my fishfinder and get a 9” screen by getting one without mapping.
  12. Our police/troopers will be trying to avoid as much contact as possible as well. My sense is no one is going to get hassled for going fishing. I’m bringing snacks and caffeine with me from now on though instead of making pit stops at every D&D and gas station I pass. Fishingfool stay safe and healthy at work...hard to tell which is worse right now. Being on the unemployment line or potentially putting yourself and your family in harms way to keep things running.
  13. Depending on the kind of fishing that you do look into the Okuma low profile line counters. If you can run braid all season long they’ll have plenty of line capacity...are a lot more comfortable to have in the hand all day, and fit in the rod locker way better. Once you have to add a top shot of heavy mono for the fleas they fill up quick. The new low profile line convectors with the flipping switch are pretty sweet for running boards/snap weights. Okuma stuff is def cheapish...but to give them credit they are innovating/adding features where nobody else really is.
  14. Great so if you’ve already got an onboard charger it’s probably wired up to those batteries already and all you need to do is plug the charger into an extension cord to charge all those batteries overnight. Def saved you some time and money that it’s already there. I would recommend you take a few minutes though and trace all the wires out just to familiarize yourself with the system. There are in line fuses and whatnot.
  15. I was in the same situation last year...just bought a 17.5 alumacraft. I used my trolling motor ALOT. I have one of the older powerdrives that has the autopilot functionality. It works great in everything but a stiff headwind for keeping the boat straight and letting me fine tune my speed. If you use it the same way I used mine chances are the first thing you’ll want to buy is an onboard charger to charge those batteries as a full day of trolling will def wear them out. I have a 24 volt trolling motor so bought a 3 bank charger to handle those plus my cranking/electronics battery.
  16. I seem to be too late jumping on the deals when people are putting these up for sale, so before I order a new set from Great Lakes planers...if anybody has any laying around they want to get rid of hit me up. would prefer adjustable...Great Lakes planers, or high seas...would be open to traxtech or cannons if the price is reasonable. Must be able to fit in a 3.5” berts track. Thanks!
  17. If you haven’t fished a legend tournament you are missing out...my favorite smallmouth pole.
  18. Tall enough for reef runner 800’s?
  19. Couple of observations from my first year running one of these multiple scan transducers. * salmon fishing out of Oswego this summer I was able to mark a baitball on sidescan that I would not have seen in traditional or downscan. Staying on that baitball allowed us to get 7 bites in 2ish hours and basically paid for itself imo with that one trip. * downscan has been really helpful out at Erie locating bottom composition transitions where Waldo was hanging out in the spring time. Stopped using it after about June when fish went deeper and started suspending...anything over 50 fow and it hasn’t been terribly useful for me. * I basically traded gps mapping for a 9” screen by going with the Garmin striker 9” that has really basic/not upgradable mapping. Instead for mapping I mounted my iPad in the boat and used navionics with a stand alone gps. Navionics is powerful and the touch screen on my iPad works way better than the touch/buttons on the fishfinders out there...even the fancy lowrances. * I’m still looking at the traditional chirp most of time and it’s awesome for seeing how fish are reacting to your downrigger...but having the 9” screen and being able to layer in sidescan and downscan can be really handy.
  20. I’ll go in halves with you. Sending you a pm.
  21. Wow did I learn this lesson the hard way this year.
  22. Fishing out there is stupid easy once the Ohio fish show up but everyone who fishes for Waldo knows how color sensitive they can be...even when the bite is good, and it’s different depending on your harbor and the water color/light conditions/forage where ur fishing. At the end of the day these spin n glow colors are tailored to west coast salmon and steelhead fisherman. Awesome tho that you guys have found an alternative that outfishes the old school Lake Erie spinner rigs....which I HATE (not speed tolerant, excessive by-catch, etc.)
  23. I think it would be lights out up on the river too...better than spinners. I need someone willing to do an airbrush job on these things.
  24. Glad to see he’s got purple ones now...guess I have to order some...god I hate running crawler harnesses tho. How bad is your bycatch of white perch on these things.
  25. https://pronavmarine.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgJbwl9W_5AIVT1uGCh0isQQBEAAYASAAEgJ2jfD_BwE check these guys out. Thinking about adding this to my power drive v2 next year. Allows you to import navionics and overlay your routes on bottom contours. Will be so money for walleye fishing.
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