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  1. question on keeping fish I'm no cook, but i seem to remember it's not good to freeze thaw and re-freeze stuff. I was out fishing today and kept a couple perch. I didn't get enough for a meal so rather then clean and filet them, I just left them whole and frozen (since they froze while i was fishing.) is this ok? Or should I gut them before tossing them in the freezer?
  2. I saw relatively fresh sled tracks at the public fishing access by Bradocks bay Marina but no one out. Anyone know how thick the ice is there? I'm thinking of bailing from work a little early and wetting a line for a couple hours tomorrow. The wife got me an LX5 for christmas and I've been chomping at the bit to try it out.
  3. Was out of Bradocks bay today for about 2.5 hours between 11 and 3. Had a good 6-8 inches. Didn't even get a nibble but MAN was it nice to be out there on the ice with a line in the water.
  4. That must have been late this afternoon you noticed that. I swung past around 3 and didn't see anything but a set of footprints going straight across the shallow/swampy part. Thanks for the info! Maybe we'll head over tomorrow after work. I just want to get a line in the water.
  5. Guys, I haven't been out once this year. I'm a bit nervous about the weather we've had and since my little girl is my fishing buddy... I haven't wanted to risk it. Do we have safe Ice anywhere? We were thinking about going out tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. I guess that's my poorly worded question. What do I look for in a used boat? Any specific models to keep my eye out for... specific features...?
  7. I'm starting to think about the spring and with as much as I'm intending to fish from the shore I'm kicking around thoughts of boats. I need a TON of advice though because I really don't want to waste money on something that's not what I need. Eventually I'll be looking at something trailerable with a gross weight (trailer included) under 5000 lbs. that can handle Lake Ontario. For now though, I'm wanting to do this on the CHEAP that'll get me on the Genesee River, Bays, or Finger Lakes. My thought, is a 14ft Aluminum deep v utility boat with a pair of rod holders on each side, a marcum ice fishing flasher (with the high speed transducer mounted to the boat) and a handheld GPS unit. I'm wondering though how to push the boat? Gas outboard? Electric Trolling motor? That full package looks to me to be under $5000 and that's if I went brand new for EVERYTHING. Does anyone have other idea's for what I should be looking at and what equipment I can't do without? When you start looking at boats and electronics it gets VERY overwhelming especially for someone new to fishing. Thanks!
  8. King, thanks for the tip on Crappie Guy's tip-downs. I found them and emailed him looking for more info. They're not a bad price either. I think I'm going to pick some up.
  9. Thanks for the info guys! Sooo... seams to me like since Sammie only wants to catch little fish I should make/buy her a set of tip-downs. I wonder if I could have them done by saturday. Friday's her Birthday Question... If I were to only have 5 in the water, but she's not there and they had her name on them with our shared address... could I get a ticket?
  10. I've actually started catching a bunch of fish jigging and want to up my game by setting some traps. I have a bunch of questions and figure maybe i should put them all in 1 place. 1. The DEC's website says we're allowed 5 tip-ups. Is that per person and if I'm out fishing with my daughter can I have 10? 2. How far apart do you typically set them? 3. I understand it that Tip-ups are for larger fish and tip-downs for pan fish. Is that true? Can I catch perch on tip-ups? 4. Fishing an area like Braddock that has lots of bluegills and pike is it a good idea to have some tip-ups and tip-downs together or is it better to stick with 1 program? 5. My research seams to show that the best tip-ups are made by beaver dam and jack traps, are there brands of tip-downs that are better then others? (I kind of like the look of the Douglass Creek Outdoors ones, but it seams like a lot of people make their own.) Thanks!
  11. Yeah sk8 i was SUPER careful when i was shopping for this thing to check that out. Since it's the small model the top is all fixed length and the extender on the bottom for the bigmouth is a SUPER easy to use lever instead of those stupid tiny little push buttons. I'm SO happy i went with the insulated model too. I freaked out the poor DEC lady yesterday I think. She stopped by and I flipped up the clam wearing just a tee shirt and jeans. Totally caught her by surprise Stays toasty warm with the heater running. AWESOME since I had forgotten my mousies in the truck and they froze solid. After the first 30 minutes of sitting out there they were thawed right out! I'm thinking instead of drilling more holes for the tie outs, I'm going to put a pair of I bolts where the toe rope goes. Then I can tie the tow rope to them and tie some guy lines to them to hold me firm in place on those super windy days.
  12. I've been trying to figure out how to kill fish humanely so I can use a fillet technique where I keep the head on. I've been having to kill them by cutting off the head. I have tried stunning the fish with a blow on the head, but the only thing i'v accomplished is driving the fish's spikes into my hand I was doing some google searching and came across this technique which came from Japan and seams popular in Australia. I guess the gist of it is that you drive a spike into the fish's brain which kills them immediately and humanely. There are even tools built for it similar to an Awl and also this gun thing http://www.ikigun.co.nz/ Does anyone use this technique or have a better idea for me? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the advise King. I did put the back to the wind (well at least where it was coming from 70% of the time since it kept shifting). I forgot the shovel which was a bummer cause It would have been nice to have some snow heaped around the bottom to keep the draft out. The Trap we got I can see is going to be an asset on windy days. It's nice and low and we stayed SUPER warm inside with the heater running. Neither of us had a coat on half the time and the heat was on low. It's amaizing how much better the experience is fishing from that thing compared to freezing my butt off on a bucket. The only issue we had were some cold toes on her from the breeze coming under the tent at times and had i thought of bringing the shovel I'm sure that wouldn't have been an issue either.
  14. Hey guys, we were out on Braddock today (only caught a pair of bluegills) and it was real windy. As I was setting up the tip-up we almost had an issue. Sammie was in the fishtrap and the wind blew her over (she almost fell in the hole I'm wondering if there's an effective way to anchor a flip-over fish house. There's only 1 anchor point on the tent for a guy out line which is on the front, i'm assuming so you can anchor it down and keep it from flipping open in a gust. I'm wondering if anyone's had luck putting an ice screw anchor up wind and looping the tow rope around it. Then anchor down the front guy out to keep me somewhat in place. The thing doesn't move at all when i'm sitting it in, but with just her or without either of us... it's VERY likely to wander around the bay. Thanks!
  15. thanks for the info spinfly! I'll give the guy a call.
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