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  1. It's a bit of a drive. Any of the western finger lakes have safe ice on them? I'm not really interested in heading up to greece.
  2. So, just downloaded Navionics. Kind of pissed i haven't done it till now. pretty cool! question/concern. I see things like "hump" on irondequoit bay that shows as a "fishing/diving hotspot." is that data someone put in? When I put in my fishing spots they can't be public? Can they? Are the hotspots in there just public ones? Also, I haven't dug in too much because I'm on the trial version. Can I pull the maps on my laptop, put in pins and all and then access them from your phone like you can using OnX for hunting?
  3. Thanks man! appreciate it. Out of curiosity, have you ever tried any of the apps that pull data from the USGS and give you stream flow gauges? I always have the hardest time navigating around the USGS site and finding the right gauge from my phone when i want to go fishing.
  4. oh, I agree with the different tools for the job too. That's why I have fly rods of different weights, and I'm looking to get a 13ft Centerpin rod to go with the 11ft one I have. My question was literally just about a rod to go with this 1 reel.
  5. I’ve heard that one is good. Are there different versions of it? I heard it costs $ but the App Store didn’t have a price. I’m fine with paying for the app. Just didn’t want to download the wrong one.
  6. I haven't messed around with any of the fishing apps, but I've used hunting apps like OnX and hunt stand a good deal. Are there any good phone apps for fishing? Ideally a GPS mapping app that shows depths. I want to explore a bit but have NO idea where to start with most these bodies of water. (sorry for yet another question thread... I'd be out fishing if there was any ice. But alas.... Stuck on the computer thinking about it. hahaha)
  7. I was given a nice 13 fishing freefall reel for christmas from my grandma and I want to get a nicer rod then the cheap HT combo's i've been using. Looking at the 13fishing tickle stick. Anyone got feedback on that rod? Which weight should i go with? I typically fish tungsten jigheads with mousies or something on it. Not looking to spend more the say $60.
  8. You guys need to start doing what my buddies and I do. There's a few guys that hunt right next to us, so.... my friends and I just each take turns sitting in a stand RIGHT next to theirs on our side of the property line. We always get into the woods earlier then the other guys. So after a few times of showing up to their stand only to find one of us already sitting right next to them smiling... they moved his stand further in. Did the same thing with a trespasser's stand on a private property we got access to. Found someone had been hunting there without the owner knowing. So... we put our stand up on the tree next to theirs and used their shooting lanes. After a while, we found that stand was moved. My favorite form of Aggression is Passive Aggression! And we spend so much time in the woods, who cares if it screws up a couple sits. Thats why we take turns. hahaha
  9. 1 caution with OnX that I came across. If you have wifi on, on your phone and you're close enough to pick up someones house signal it throws off where your location pin shows on the map. That had me REALLY pissed off when we were blood tracking a deer this season. dropped a pin at last blood to come back in the AM, and went back to find that the pin was no where NEAR where I had been when I dropped it. I found if I turn off wifi, it was a lot more accurate.
  10. Good to know. Thanks. I’m usually a wimp and won’t go out till theres 5-6 inches so there are normally other guys out. But knowing it’s hairy at the edges is very helpful.
  11. Thanks man! Appreciate it. You stay safe as well.
  12. I just moved to Rush from Charlotte. I've been ice fishing northern Monroe county on the ponds in Greece, Bradocks, and Irondiquate Bays, but I'd like to head south now that I live more south. Where's the best access points to get on the ice for Conesus, Hemlock, Canadice, and Honeoye? Also, from your experience, which freeze up first and where's the highest likelihood to find safe ice early season? I'm not a small guy, and would prefer not swim. hahaha
  13. question on keeping fish I'm no cook, but i seem to remember it's not good to freeze thaw and re-freeze stuff. I was out fishing today and kept a couple perch. I didn't get enough for a meal so rather then clean and filet them, I just left them whole and frozen (since they froze while i was fishing.) is this ok? Or should I gut them before tossing them in the freezer?
  14. I saw relatively fresh sled tracks at the public fishing access by Bradocks bay Marina but no one out. Anyone know how thick the ice is there? I'm thinking of bailing from work a little early and wetting a line for a couple hours tomorrow. The wife got me an LX5 for christmas and I've been chomping at the bit to try it out.
  15. Was out of Bradocks bay today for about 2.5 hours between 11 and 3. Had a good 6-8 inches. Didn't even get a nibble but MAN was it nice to be out there on the ice with a line in the water.
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