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  1. When is it a good time to start fishing fro salmon/trout from shore, or from a small bass boat? When do they start to migrate to the shallow waters? I understand it has to do with water temps, when will the lake flip and bring those fish closer? I like to use spoons, hoping to take my 16 ft Almunacraft on the lake but obviously not very far, hoping to stay near shore to get some salmon or trout. Thanks for help
  2. I have a place on sodus, Largemouth fishing hasn't been great lately. Bay is also SUPER weedy, and weed machines seem to have screwed up these habitats. Also plenty of minnows, everywhere. Not sure these fish are hungry
  3. Heading up for the first time on 8/15, Staying on Wellesley Island and plan on fishing from boat. On the map it shows the St. Lawrence on 1 side, and Eel Bay on the other side of the island. Is there an actual difference here? Looking to target smallies (preferred) and even pike. Is it all the same water? What do I fish, river or bay, or are they the same? Thanks!
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