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  1. Almost 3 months since I’ve seen my boat. Smokercraft found some aftermarket fuel sending unit they refused to cover and told me to contact Towne Marine who is requesting all communications from myself and smokercraft and work orders. Finally fed up with all this I contacted the Attorney General from NY.
  2. I’ve replied sorry it took so long. I was out goose hunting yesterday getting pulled around in my ****ty old canoe by my buddies 12’ skipper and I was really bumming I don’t have a boat for this season. 😕
  3. Yea they told me they were an eTec dealer and wasn’t anymore so they recommended I took the boat to a local eTec dealer and they verified that the engine was in fact new, and eTec honored the warranty. So I did have a new engine. I just didn’t receive any boat history, as I was told this was a leftover sitting around that they powered with an eTec. This was my first new boat purchase. They seemed like a reputable dealer with new Starweld boats there for sale and I bought this off the internet and drove down to pick it up. Like I said I hope it all turns out ok. It really sucks to be without my boat for the waterfowl and walleye season.
  4. So just off the phone with Darrell he said when they sold the boat to Towne Marine it had a Yamaha engine.. I also asked the date of original gas tank replacement but he wasn’t willing to offer that information. I explained my situation asked about collateral damages. He told me they don’t cover that stuff. But shortly after called me and requested my invoices from my local eTec dealer. I found a local Starcraft dealership that’s willing to help me get this boat back to Indiana.. I hope for a good outcome.
  5. Wow seems like the buyer should know if they are getting new or used newish
  6. I’m going to ask them for more information about dates of repairs and whatever I can claw out of them.
  7. Yea I guess I have a unique situation I’m still trying to figure out how my boat has already been to Indiana for a tank replacement so did I really get a new boat? I mean how could this happen if Towne marine said this was a leftover ..
  8. I’m speaking to Darrell a rep for starweld. They said that I’m under warranty so the only issue is I’m out a boat and the money I spent fixing the engine
  9. Seems I have to send my Starweld back for warranty work after I kept getting water in my fuel tank and multiple engine services they found the tank has some problems after he pressure checked it. Called rep and he said this boat was already in for gas tank replacement.... now this is a 2012 16DC pro I bought in March 2018 as a new boat that never sold. A leftover they powered with a 90 eTec so I’m not sure what to think now ... but I have to get it to a dealer 2 hours away bought it in PA 4 hour drive then they are going to truck it to Indiana 😞 walleye get hot here real soon plus I’m gonna be out for waterfowl not to mention all the cash I burned fixing the engine that they said water damage isn’t covered on my 90 eTec so I sit here processing everything I seen this post and now here I am. Hope it all works out any updates? Wanted to know what to expect
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