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  1. Lightbringer - I'm sorry I took so long, but here are some photos of what we still have.
  2. lightbringer - There's a large bin of stuff... I will have to go through it and take detailed pictures for you b/c I'm not sure what everything is.
  3. Sk8man - Thank you. I think we are actually keeping more than we are selling - so much sentimental value to it. I was out there every weekend fishing with him! Plus, he would never want my kids to have to buy another lure / rod / reel as long as they live!!
  4. Thank you!! I'm willing to negotiate, and want people to feel like they get a good deal, but I'd like people to be reasonable too! Thanks for the support!!
  5. I appreciate your interest but even if I reduced my prices significantly there'd be several thousand dollars in stuff. Several people who have inquired don't want to spend that kind of money even if it is a great deal.
  6. I'm sorry for your loss too. It's awful to go through. I will be unavailable tomorrow so it will have to be Thursday evening or anytime during the day Friday, the weekend works too!
  7. Thank you! - We are a big fishing family so we kept a lot of stuff! I saved all the lures that I remember using when we'd go fishing together as well as the ones he made. Of course I kept a lot (several large totes) for us to actually use in the future!
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