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  1. rglabach - thank you! I don't have any butterfly jigs.
  2. Lightbringer - I'm sorry I took so long, but here are some photos of what we still have.
  3. lightbringer - There's a large bin of stuff... I will have to go through it and take detailed pictures for you b/c I'm not sure what everything is.
  4. Sk8man - Thank you. I think we are actually keeping more than we are selling - so much sentimental value to it. I was out there every weekend fishing with him! Plus, he would never want my kids to have to buy another lure / rod / reel as long as they live!!
  5. Selling quickly but still lots of stuff available!!
  6. I just responded - sorry for the delay!
  7. Thank you!! I'm willing to negotiate, and want people to feel like they get a good deal, but I'd like people to be reasonable too! Thanks for the support!!
  8. I appreciate your interest but even if I reduced my prices significantly there'd be several thousand dollars in stuff. Several people who have inquired don't want to spend that kind of money even if it is a great deal.
  9. I'm sorry for your loss too. It's awful to go through. I will be unavailable tomorrow so it will have to be Thursday evening or anytime during the day Friday, the weekend works too!
  10. Thank you! - We are a big fishing family so we kept a lot of stuff! I saved all the lures that I remember using when we'd go fishing together as well as the ones he made. Of course I kept a lot (several large totes) for us to actually use in the future!
  11. located in East Irondequoit My dad was a charter captain and passed away last year.... I am selling his collection of fishing tackle As of today there's about 1500 brand new lures. He preferred storing his lures in plastic tackle packs so although brand new many have been removed from their boxes. I am open to reasonable offers but most of you know how expensive this stuff is so please serious offers only Some of the brands are Rapala, Heddon, Excalibur, Red Eye, Matzuo, Storm, Rebel, Smithwick, Yo-zuri, Berkley, Northern King, bomber, Creek Chub, Williams, Strike King, Rat-l, Cotton Cordell, tons of others Freshwater hard baits (over 275 left) $4-5 each Saltwater hard baits (450 left) $4-5 each ***except Yo-Zuri's They are $8 each (Dicks sporting goods and most retailers sell them for $13.99 or more)*** Spell Caster spoons (25 available) $3 each Most other lures (over 200 available) $2-$4 each Plastic baits - (over 150 new packs left- plus 60 opened packs) $3 each except for Storm baits they are $4 each Most mepps (spoons more), shyster, rooster tails $3 each LB Huntington drones Whopper ploppers $8-$10 I have lure making supplies hooks, weighted hooks, jig heads See photos for some of the things available
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