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  1. Little food for thought. Be careful out there working on stands!!!! Carlton hunter who fell from tree stand thankful for help from first responders By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 18 October 2019 at 1:02 pm Provided photo: Tyler Jurs is pictured with a deer last year. Jurs was badly injured Monday when he fell from a tree stand. CARLTON – A hunter who fell from a tree stand Monday is thankful for the volunteer firefighters, COVA medics and Mercy Flight helicopter that came to his rescue. Tyler Jurs, 27, was building a tree stand off Lake Ontario State Parkway in Carlton on land owned by Lynn-Ette and Sons, a farm where his brother works and father recently retired from. Tyler was putting steel steps in an ash tree. He was about 8 feet up, standing partly on a branch when it snapped. Tyler plunged downward and one of the steel steps tore into his thigh. He had a huge gash from above his knee to his hip. He called 911, and used his own belt as a tourniquet. He learned about the importance of trying to stop the bleed as a member of the Carlton Volunteer Fire Company the past two years. He was about 400 feet from the road. He credits the makeshift tourniquet for keeping him alert. Matt Hughson, a Carlton firefighter, was the first on scene. He saw Jurs’ truck by the road and headed into the woods. He was a welcome sight for Jurs. Another Carlton firefighter, Seth Dumrese, appeared and put an actual tourniquet on Jurs. “It was nice to see familiar faces,” Jurs said today. “They were my friends. It was comforting to see them.” He still needed to wait in the woods for an all-terrain vehicle with a backboard. The Lyndonville Fire Department was contacted and they brought the ATV. They transported Jurs to the road, and he was then taken by Mercy Flight. He was discharged from Strong Memorial Hospital on Thursday. He is taking some steps on his feet, while being on the mend. He looks forward to getting back to work with the DOT, where he is a maintenance worker and drives a plow truck during the winter. Jurs is used to responding to others in need. He now has a deeper appreciation for firefighters, medics and Mercy Flight. “You guys are all amazing,” Jurs posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday. “You guys have no idea how much it means to have you all there and reassuring me that I would be OK. Without you guys could have been a totally different story.”
  2. My buddies dad has a cabin on the south side of the lake. Can only get to it by boat. We take boats out in the am to get to the "flow" and hike back in from there. It's a sunrise to sunset day! Even longer if an animal is harvested
  3. Great Buck! Broke down over the weekend getting ready for my 5 day trip to Cranberry Lake the first weekend of November. Can't wait to log that 25-30 miles in no-mans land. It's a great experience getting way back off the beaten path. GPS map 64st is my best friend on this trip. Picked up another Remington 760, this one in 30-06 caliber. Finished it off with a Nikon 3x9 and will site it in this weekend. The last two years have produced a nice male black bear and 200 Plus pound 8 point for the crew. Both were shot at the furthest point from camp! I'll post some pics of scenery and hopefully a bruiser!!
  4. I want to wish everyone luck this weekend, but I had to put a up rant regarding the services that I received at Creekwood Archery. I took my Hoyt up there back in early August for a tune up and new string. Total cost at $163. Fair price after talking with close friends. Have shot the bow probably 4-5 times per week since then in preparation for this season. As I stated in an earlier post, I shot a deer on Sunday pm and didn't recover. So naturally, i got the bow out and started shooting Monday after work. 6 arrows, dead on a 25 yards. Shoot Tuesday with the same results. Grab the bow Wednesday after work and after shooting 2 arrows i got to set my release and the serving on the cable has let go. I call the pro shop and he tells me to bring in. So i take it Thursday after work and he said he can have it done by Friday pm. He SAYS he will reduce the price of setup and only charge me $25 for that! Okay...... Two months on a new string and you indicate that your going to charge me to make a repair on a new material YOU provided and YOU installed. So I stop by today after work to pick it up and shoot it, which needed a little adjustment as he had to reset the loop after retying a new serving. So I go to pay and he tells me that its going to be $53!!!!! to correct a defective product that he provided and installed. When he indicated the total to me I asked "have you had problems with this happening before on these strings?" His response "We didn't MAKE the string." Oh, i neglected to mention that when i went to pick the bow up in August, my peep site was actually installed UPSIDE down...... Sorry everyone, i just had to vent and voice my extreme displeasure with this shop. I will be taking my business elsewhere!!!
  5. Well guys i had to chime in and report on last nights sit. Had the right wind to sit on a stand up in Gaines along a bedding area and have seen bucks in the past filter through heading into the swamp. Got to the stand at 500 and had the hunch that tonight i was going to get my chance. My plan was 95% correct . At 620 noticed antler through the trees heading East then he turned South on the trail that was 22 yards from the tree. Took a quick look at the head gear and he was a definite shooter (long beams and heavy). Came to full draw as he stepped behind some vines and bleated as he stepped into the shooting lane, just as you want it to happen. He stopped perfectly broadside and I let the 100 grain wasp sst fly. The red Nocturnal was flying in slow motion....... Saw the hit right behind the shoulder (but apparently not....). He stumbled, plowed vegetation and silence for 30 seconds. Heard some leaves rustling and then nothing. Got down after dark and went to the shot location. No blood, no hair just broken branches and bent golden rod. I followed a straight line for 50 yards and found nothing. I went back to shot location and found my around 10 feet up the trail with 4-5 inches of arrow and broadhead broken off. Decided to backout (even with the incoming rain). Went back this am with help from my girlfriends son and searched in a grid pattern for 300 yards due north, turned west then came back south then proceeded east with the same pattern. The shot looked and felt good as if I was standing on my deck at home practicing. I've harvested deer with this same setup and have had shots go through both shoulders with the broadhead penetrating the opposite shoulder. In speaking with Gator yesterday (and i agree) with only 4-5 inches of penetration i hit probably the thickest part of the shoulder. One inch over to the right and the deer would probably be at the processor right now. One thing that i'm still questioning is how the arrow ended up behind the deer at that distance. The only thing i can imagine is that as he lunged forward on impact, his leg or shoulder severed the arrow. Long story short..... One inch probably would've made a difference.. Good luck to everyone this season!
  6. Here's a couple off our lease in Albion. Don't mind the date as i never set the camera up. The piebald was around last year and hopefully he makes it through this year!! The short video is of the piebald from last season. 04280075 (1).AVI
  7. Glacier Bay wood stove, wire wheeled and 2 coats of high temp paint. Includes two straight sections of pipe with damper, two adjustable elbows and collar. 8 inch opening on top of stove. Accepts good size logs. Ideal for garage, workshop, hunting cabin or man cave. Asking $250. Stove must go!!
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