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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll keep an eye on the site.
  2. Hey guys! Thanks for keeping an eye out! I’d like to stay away from the saltwater boats and looking for a 285 or 313 between 1997 - 2002. That boat in Florida is actually a 286. The 313 in Benton Harbor sold in late January. I would like to get more info on Debi Duz Too. It sounds very much like the 313 in Benton Harbor (Four Season Charters). That boat had a low hour repower on it as well. I’ll try reaching out to Sutherland to get more info. Thanks!
  3. I’ve confirmed the 313 on Boat Trader is sold. Still looking. Thanks!
  4. I spoke with them a couple of weeks ago and they said it was sold. They could be just letting the ad run out (trying to draw in extra business). I am following up with them just to verify. Thanks for keeping an eye out!
  5. Looking to buy a BAHA 285 or 313. 1997 or newer, fresh water boat. If your thinking about selling or know anyone who is or might be, please shoot me a PM with your name and number. Thanks!
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