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  1. Any particular techniques you would suggest?
  2. HI All, I live on the east side of Seneca, about 6 miles up (near the Distillery). Having the same issues, I find lots of bait/fish - the last few days 30-65ft over 100 - but am not hooking up with any regularity. Trolling at +/- 2mph, Suttons, stingers, rapalas, big/small...Any advice? South end? Thanks, Tim PS starting to see a few fish on the bottom but nothing on copper today.
  3. Just a few I set aside for myself...anything in particular yo are looking for?
  4. HI, Update, most of these appear to be medium or heavy versions. My calipers aren't very fine but they measure about .02 ". There are a couple of Wind River spoons that measure .03+ thick. Grabbed a couple of flutter spoons from the boat, they are about .01, maybe a little over. I'm in Hector on Seneca lake, north of Watkins Glen
  5. HI, I have several dozen NOS (at least 40 years old) Sutton Spoons for sale. Most are still wrapped. #44 Silver/Brass Heavy #5 Silver/Brass 2x #5 Silver/Copper #61 Silver/Copper 2x #31 Silver/Copper #31 Silver/Brass Heavy $85/Dozen Loose singles in similar sizes/colors 3 for $25 [email protected]
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