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  1. My first fishing trips were with my dad going for blowfish (puffer). I was very young, perhaps 6 or 7 and have few memories of it other than catching lots of them. Dad rented a row boat (inflatable canoe review) and rowed for miles to the fishing grounds. Another memory is him rowing that heavy, woden boat to fishing grounds. Later he rented boats with a motor. Sometmes it was just us kids, sometimes me, being the oldest, would go with his buddies. I recall filling bushel baskets with blowfish and eating them pretty much all year because our freezer was always filled with them. After that it wasn’t trips per se. We had a cabin at a lake and we would catch sunfish/bluegills from the dock by the dozens. By the time I was about 12 I was taking the boat out myself and catching bass and pickerel and that was the beginning of my fishing life.
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