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  1. Sold pending payment to huntnrays
  2. 7 paddle flashers. 6-8” and 1-12” paddle. $35 shipped to continental US. PayPal friends and family.
  3. 2- 10” spin doctors , 4- 8” spin doctors. Assorted colors. $35 shipped to continental US. PayPal Friends and family.
  4. 7 Mag glow spoons. Dreamweaver, NK, Diamond King. $21 shipped to continental US. PayPal friends and family.
  5. 19 Mag Spoons, mostly NK Mags, a few stinger and silver streak. $30 shipped continental US. PayPal friends and family.
  6. Copy that. Thanks for info, I was just trying to stock up on some spoons when they run sales on them. With walleye on Erie it seems like there are some staple colors that always work year to year, of course there are always new colors coming out that become popular as well. Thanks again!
  7. This year I will be making a trip up to Olcott, NewYork in mid August for some King Salmon fishing. This will be my first year going up and was curious about what trolling spoons to run and what color patterns are hot up there for Kings. I’m a walleye troller so all I have is small spoons 2.25” currently, so I will be starting from scratch. Any help would be appreciated greatly! Thanks Keith
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