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  1. I will take the berts. I will pick up the shipping. Let me know Text or call me 315427 8six six 3
  2. Interested in the Berts. are you interested in shipping to syr. and are they still available.
  3. No i do not have the base. Shipping would be on your dime.
  4. Down rigger in good condition and works as it should. To much for my rail mounted mount on my Triton boat.Going to stick with the manual riggers. 135$
  5. The launch is open and great. On the right facing the pond they are installing a fuel station and that area is barricaded off in front of the yacht club. The marina area left is closed and construction in that area is going on. Launched several times. Tuesday the last time. Go to Oswego and fuel your boat and support the business trying to make it. Not at the launch but at any gas station open. Have fun. Good bite on.
  6. I did launch at Wrights Thursday along with approximately 10 other trailers in the lot. That is all I have.
  7. Launched Monday and Thursday at Wrights. DPW employee's and police presence and no one is saying don't launch. Tough bite Thursday. New to this game and think maybe to muddy. Lots of marks no takers. Water surface temp dropped also 43ish. Good Luck
  8. I could ship but its on your $. We got lucky here in NY and were only down for 10 days.
  9. 2 Cannon planner reels. Mounting is a C clamp style therefore a rail or mast. Reel brake and retrieve works as intended. Planner boards are home made. 100$
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