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  1. Are you willing to split up the spoons? How much a piece if you are willing to. I don't want $400 worth. I live in Hastings and would come to you to pick out and up.
  2. What size are the mags? Are they white or chrome (hammerd) on the inside?
  3. I have a new rod holder that I won't be using up for grabs. I'll let it go for 75$ https://www.magnum-metalz.com/single-rod-holder/ Text or email 315427504seven. Parish,NY
  4. Hi guys, looking to buy a foot of rub rail insert. I found the kind I need online but it's sold in 50' roll. It's 1 3/16 tall and 1/2 thick. Taco model v12-4144. If anyone has some leftovers I'd like it. Thanks
  5. Net did you get the pm I sent you, I am interested
  6. What model are they? Are you willing to split them up. I am interested in 2 of them.
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