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  1. Ok... so looks like I need to get closer in. What time of the day were you out?
  2. My boys and I were skunked today. We launched from the mostly empty boat ramp by the Pelican's Nest... and were in the water by 6:30am. Wind was from the N as about 5mph. Overcast morning. River water temp was 47.3 degrees. We came out of the river and headed east following the color line in 35' of water about 43 - 44 degrees. We were pulling Cleo Red/Gold, Rapala jdhd-12 in Crawdad & Rapala hj-08 in blue/silver... about 75' - 100' directly behind the boat. About 8:30 am we turned around and headed back west and came into about 15'-19' of water down past the Genesee outlet and ran for about another 2 miles. Not a thing... not even a bump. Running speed was between 2 and 3 mph. Would like to try it again but Ontario consistantly gives me nothing. What did we do wrong?
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