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  1. I need the ones with the black tops (left and right, not middle). If they are in working order and you could ship to 49801, please provide a price. Big thanks!
  2. I'm looking for the older Cannon bases for my Digi-trolls like the ones in the pic. I would take: 1 or 2 bases without the top part 1 or 2 bases with the top part (don't need the top but could sell them) Thanks
  3. Hello all. Great site! I took 2 Digi-troll II downriggers out of retirement and I'm trying to install them on my new used boat. Overall, they are in very good shape and I was able to pull together most of the base parts I would need. One of them is not working. Here is the status of that one: Control board powers up and the display looks normal (bright and responsive) The display responds to buttons that are pressed Pushing the Up/Down bottom does not work but you can hear something trying to engage Based on what I've read here, the control board is typically the problem, and that could very well be the case with mine, however it doesn't necessarily sound like a typical board issue. I'm thinking of removing the board for the heck of it. Any advice appreciated. Big thanks!
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