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  1. Good on you my boat is already out sad day but I have next season to look forward to and with the information you have been telling me I’m sure to do better next year. I have noticed is few use the radio anymore it was what we all used to coordinate our efforts it’s a sad day when we who are older have to resort to tiwiter or facecloth for fishing information
  2. We fish out of Whitby ont no luck to 190 ft but came into 50 feet and marked all kinds of bait balls the sw wind changed the game don’t be shy go shallow
  3. I am interested in all things for the big water. I am putting together a professional quality boat and will need equipment and support from people as dedicated as I am to the sport. I have fished Lake Ontario for many years and want to retire and fish professionally I am open to any input. If you have any suggestions let me know. Stay safe we are all in this together  

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