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  1. Sent ya a Message, voodoo. Check your inbox.
  2. Just seemed to start on the last two trips. Been running unweighted spoons (stingers, dws, and moonshines) since mid March with no issues and good hookups, but have since been coming up to the surface, can see the V wake. Not all of them just a couple, but often enough to have me scratching my head. Little hesitant to run any cores for fear of hanging one on a turn in shallow. Thought it might be a common issue and I’m just missing something simple.
  3. You mean unweighted? Or am I really catching sarcasm on my first post to the site..
  4. New to the site. Relatively new to big water trolling. Been out a few times for early season Browns and noticed that a few spoons in the spread were skating on the surface of the water. Needless to say they weren’t catching much but the attention of some seagulls. They were out 120 unweighted and hooked to big boards. Speed issue? Swivel issue?
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