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  1. What he hit? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. So went out yesterday morning for the long haul pretty much the entire day from Deans to Sheldrake, and ended up being around a 6hr trip. trolled about 2mph in 100-160 fow and narrowed the fish down to about 100-120. Sent orange/pink spoons down 40-80ft and after the first two fish I hooked at 40ft I just ran both at the 40-50ft range. Had one lead core out about 20-30 ft but nothing. overall went 2/4 on rainbows. One was an absolute heartbreaker, took about 80ft of line and just ran like crazy. As soon as he started coming up I just felt slack. Then lost a smaller salmon. But here are the two that I did manage to wrangle in. One was about 18 and another was just over 22. That one I missed had some chompers! Thanks again doc for the tips!!
  3. Yea I was working it probably 40-50 ft down in like 60-80 fow to try and get those mid water column fish.
  4. Thanks so much for the info! Yea so far there have been mostly browns and lakers but I got a nicer size salmon last Saturday. All fish below are at the drop off in front of East Shore. Salmon from this past Sunday on a Black Jeans Stingray spoon. Brown from Saturday on the same spoon my friend got that massive one on the jig about 20 mins before mine. No rainbows yet, kinda slow, Lots of weeds!!
  5. Awesome fish! Thinking about heading up to to the Northern part of the lake soon since the browns have been few and far between on the south end. Pardon the questions but how deep were you getting them at and in what direction did you go? Thanks in advance for any/all info.
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