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  1. I replaced the transducer and that resolved the problem.
  2. Thanks. I have the transducer on the port side and have checked the frequencies so that part should not be an issue. My angle of the transducer is just a guess. I will check the angle closer to see if it meets the 3 degree angle. Thanks for the suggestion. I have it in the shop now so I will adjust the angle and see how it works. Thanks for the suggestion. Our water can be pretty dirty on the sound so I am sure that is somewhat of a factor, but when I first got it and had it installed on another boat it worked most of the time.
  3. yes, but I paid good money for this feature. I actually fish for Chinook in Puget Sound. They tend to mostly be on the bottom so this feature in useful to keep from tangling on the bottom.
  4. I have mine at 83Khz and still have the problem. I've had the downrigger in a couple of times and they say it checks OK. When I first bought the downrigger it mostly worked now it is totally unusable even at depths as low as 50'. The two depth feature is not working so I am going to take it in again. If that doesn't fix it I am thinking about replacing the transducer. If that doesn't work I am out of ideas. I emailed cannon, but got no response possibly due to the covid19 shutdown.
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