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  1. Cody, my man. 2018 v-18 combo. Thank you for the thread. I see I was lucky with the kicker motor install, I had them install when i bought from dealer. My main battle right now is my down rigger mounts. I have started to run heavy weights after kings and have started to get nervous with using the versatrack BS as my downrigger mount. I am surprised that I really haven't been super worried while trolling. However, I do pull off the riggers during water travel. I see you went with the pedestal and then changed to the other mount. Did you keep that mount, and how hard did you go on it??? I also see one guy was saying to get into the gunnel and reinforce heavily. We all know that gunnel is weak. I have never bought something with so few online resources than this Tracker and downrigger mods. Here is what I've used for the last two years..
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