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  1. Went out Sat 20th launched out of Taughannock, launched 7:30 and tried jigging East side. We normally troll but wanted to figure out jigging.  Landed 5, had several other hits and follows  85fow, decent marks  a few boats trolling near us said they were getting some but limited hits  image.thumb.jpeg.6c282981b7294b11e708dc05ff382373.jpeg

  2. Fished N, E side of deans yesterday. Weeds were fine, fleas were out of control. Blood run sea flea got loaded, same w 19 strand on dipsy divers. Caught 2 lakers on flasher fly then went bass fishing. Saw some weed pods SE of Deans. 


  3. After the busy weekend, has anyone been out and willing to share how the weeds are?  Last year I remember them being very bad due to all the extra boat traffic. Looking to get out this Saturday.  I’ll be mad if my new line minimizes fleas only to be stymied by weeds. 

  4. 15# mono.  I just bought some blood run flea flee line, I’ll be running that on my riggers.  One of the small rainbows that fell off at the surface when eyes plugged actually hit the spoon and then fell off again. 

  5. Went south of deans and got a few lakers, few rainbows. Fleas were bad, ran downriggers at 30-60 and hooked 3 bows, fleas kept us from reeling them in.  Hand lined one in, the biggest, others were small and fell off once lines jammed up b/c fleas. Not much of a thermocline…. 60deg F top, 57-58degF 50-70 feet down. Got a decent laker on church 44 planer 10 color lead line, first time running them, dragged him for a while I’d guess.  If anyone can share insight into these in line planer boards I’d greatly appreciate it, seems like line clip is backwards to me, but….  Lots of sun, landed fish, wasn’t at work!





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  6. I’m heading to my hunting camp for a work party, walleye fish Thursday - Saturday launching out of Godfrey point. My boat is set up for trolling finger lakes, I was thinking of bringing a lead core rod and a dipsy diver, on the fence on taking riggers off.  Was planning to bottom bounce a worm harness and cast jigging raps but wanted some other options.  Any advice appreciated. 

  7. I’m looking to add a couple of lead line rod/reels to my boat this year and am wondering if Penn Fathom II 30 will hold enough lead line and backing?  I think I’d like the 50’s but they don’t seem available, f in Covid I’m sure. Thanks. 

  8. Tried to launch at Taughannock, dock a foot underwater, ran to Deans and dock inches underwater. Launched, and ran to east side, marked fish throughout water column but no takers, Trolled for couple hours. Ran back to west side and found marks, set up and got into Lakers on both riggers and wire dipsy diver, SD fly. Green, white, black spoons was what worked. Had one double with old college brothers. Good time had by all. 







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  9. Hoping to go out on Cayuga for the first time in a lot of years. Planning on launching at Union Springs. Are the fleas bad? Any reports or advice that are helpful out of that port? We are all set up with riggers, core and copper. We also have gambler rigs etc for lakers if needed. Thanks all!
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    Launched out of deans yesterday, 7/30, it was windy. The fleas were not an issue at all, caught couple of lakers and rainbows, all on riggers. Dipsy with flasher fly’s did not hit once

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  10. Went out of Deans point late morning, got one right away and then not much. Wife was saying it’s too cold, too windy, too... then she reels in a 32”, 10.5# laker. Made the weekend. Fish were suspended on west side, 40-60 feet down. Caught on downrigger with bare spoon. IMG_2995.JPG



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  11. For non starting batteries, running motor guide 36v and two Scotty downriggers I’m looking at upgrading to VMAXTANK batteries that claim around 240 reserve charge, which is about 80% longer than my current bank and by far the highest RC i have found. Does anyone have experience with this brand?

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