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  1. Hello Everyone, New guy here with a couple of questions. My boat is mostly set up for walleye on Lake Erie but I'm looking to make a couple of trip up for Kings this late summer early fall. My current set up is is 30# braid on all my rods, 3 dipsey rods, two planer rods and 2 downrigger rods. I know its preferred to go a bit heavier on the braid or go to wire. To be honest my issue is financial, just bought the boat in June and my wife is chirping a bit about all the expense on gear. Really hoping to wait till winter to do a complete salmon set up. I know I'll have some expense in flashers, spoons, flies and meat rigs so trying to not have to add any wire rods or respool everything. If I'm way off base here let me know and as always thanks for any help. Peter
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