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  1. Good morning off Port and thankfully got a few in close as the wind was picking up. 80 to 90 ft of water down 50 to 70. Hootchie rig, Michigan Flasher and the reliable Big Eye Herring Spoon.
  2. Got out this morning for a couple hours between Dalhousie and Port Weller Pier. Put one in the boat 124ft, 55 down and had a screamer like never before same depth. Took 400 yards in about 30 seconds and then gone!! Marked a lot of fish deep, water is pretty warm. All in all a good two hours! Both fish on a Green Big Eyed spoon, speed around 2.6mph on riggers.
  3. I am heading back out tomorrow morning, hopefully things are picking up a bit. How deep were you? Will Post a report tomorrow.
  4. Been out the last few days off of Port but nothing much happening. Fished from 80 to 240, marked a few but nothing taking. Anyone else having any luck?
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