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  1. 52 minutes ago, Fat Trout said:

    True, but anything you hear helps.  That and if you know nothing start at lets say 125 in your guessed area (north or west) and troll out to 200+ looking for marks of interest and circle that a time or 2 and keep going.  If you have a spoon line down on a rigger drop a free slider with 6 ft of lead.  I get steelhead and salmon on that free slider a lot.    One day I got a nice steelhead on a meat rig deep and a really nice salmon on the free slider with a spoon with color intended for a steelhead so you never know.   If winds seem to bring in / up temperature don't be afraid to stop at 100.  I've stopped short, observed high cold temp and picked up kings this way the last few years in early july.

    Thanks I’ve never done that actual same thing but sounds like a good plan to try……once again thanks for the info….very much appreciated 

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