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  1. 10 hours ago, Glen fish said:

    Hello Happy Thanksgiving, thanks to all my friends for the compliments it was my first ontario trophy that has me hooked on fishing there more.

    To all the want to be rangers, the boat was pulled up on the mud flats and we were standing on land while fishing the 24 inch deep area while eating lunch. If your so concerned about people go buy a turkey and bring it to the food bank.

    Thanks again for the compliments guys and happy thanksgiving. Oh by the way I was drinking a pepsi with loads of sugar in case anyone thinks that also dangerous. 

    Let's be thoughtful of all the "Karens: out there!!  Nice job on the fish!!! 

  2. I understand both sides but I will tell you, I have over 400 acres of posted land and the trespassing has never been as bad as it is now. Last year I removed 7 tree stands, had atv roads cut, even had one jacka$$ put in a food plot!!!   I have people ask to hunt and honestly I let some of them on.  Those that i have not given permission have trespassed and prosecuted when caught.  Unfortunately the local jurisdictions do very little with trespassers.

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