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  1. Nice job on the ducks! now we have some water down here......if I can get a day off we'll be in business!!
  2. Great job guys!!! We did not see a single duck!!!
  3. I have a Lowrance Elite ti9 I do not like it. Its brand new this spring and I will probably replace it for next weason.
  4. I really should get a camera!! To catch the trespassers!!! Personally I do not focus much attention on Deer hunting....I like to eat them so first legal one goes in the freezer!!
  5. I understand both sides but I will tell you, I have over 400 acres of posted land and the trespassing has never been as bad as it is now. Last year I removed 7 tree stands, had atv roads cut, even had one jacka$$ put in a food plot!!! I have people ask to hunt and honestly I let some of them on. Those that i have not given permission have trespassed and prosecuted when caught. Unfortunately the local jurisdictions do very little with trespassers.
  6. Didn't even think to ask that.......tow vehicle is key too!!
  7. I take my boat to the ocean several time a year......I fish Oneida, Cayuga and Ontario also....weight is the key.....
  8. I have a heavy glass boat (21' Angler) I would never go back to an aluminum boat......the trailering is a little harder but the ride more than makes up for it. There really is no comparison in my opinion.....
  9. What are the three other birds in the pic?
  10. Nice job!!! Saturday I will be field hunting the honkers!!
  11. That is the name of my boat!!!
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