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  1. I pulled my boat from storage Thursday and discovered that when I removed it from the water in the fall, the white nylon like plastic on the front cradle disintegrated. When I trailered the boat, it scrapped off the gel coat layer along the keel and left 2 depressions about 3/16" where it rested on the cradle. I am looking for recommendations as to how to fix this. I also would like to replace the cradle with a roller. 


    The gouge is about 36" long and is the equivalent to sanding it with 60 grit paper, the exception are the 2 depressions mentioned above. 


    Any help is appreciated.



  2. I have a 25' Baha Fisherman, a lot of time I'm fishing alone. The boat has a single screw inboard engine. Hard to control in certain wind situations when docking. I try to keep the sides as clean as possible. I have a double slip and more bumpers than a pool table. I still get the rash from time to time. Not as bad as when I first got it. 


    I used to stress over it but now I worry more about having a good time. 

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