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  1. Keep at it. You’ll get it where you want it. Park it far away from a tree this winter.
  2. Did you ever find a seat? I have a Baha and was thinking about a "double" like you posted above. Have no idea where to begin to look.
  3. Cool video! What kind of camera were you using mounted to the roof?
  4. Nice work so far. A lot of people would have thrown in the towel.
  5. I have a 25' Baha Fisherman, a lot of time I'm fishing alone. The boat has a single screw inboard engine. Hard to control in certain wind situations when docking. I try to keep the sides as clean as possible. I have a double slip and more bumpers than a pool table. I still get the rash from time to time. Not as bad as when I first got it. I used to stress over it but now I worry more about having a good time.
  6. NIce fish! Same thing happened to my net a few weeks ago but it was a 24 pound laker on Erie.
  7. Very nice! Looks like a nice sturdy repair. That console looks great.
  8. I have 1995 Baha Cruisers 251 Fisherman inboard boat. When I bought it there was a crappy 5.7 aftermarket installed that had seen better days. It appears external components were reused which is standard practice such as hoses, alternator, starter, distributor etc. Last winter I installed a Michigan Motors 5.7 engine. Runs great! My issue is in determining what exact model engine the boat came with so I can order things like cooling hoses etc. The only original tag I have is on the transom and the transmission, nothing from the engine. It is fuel injected so I know it was a 5.7 Gi. I have searched and searched the internet and can find no diagrams that match what I have. I have ordered other components but only when there is a part number on them. The sea water and cooling hoses have nothing left visible. Thanks Matt
  9. That is slick! Makes life easier on the boat especially for one guy. Thanks
  10. Does anyone use a solar battery charger / maintainer to keep their batteries charged or "topped off"? Do you have a panel for each battery or can one unit charge 2 or more batteries? What size solar kit do you have? I have an inboard main engine and a kicker to troll with. I do not run the main motor that much since I primarily use the kicker to fish (I have a short run from the slip to where I generally fish). My alternator is good but since it doesn't run much it can't do its job. I got the kicker to save on fuel so it seems pointless to idle with the main motor just to charge the batteries. This is the first year with the kicker on this boat so that is why it is a new problem for me. Thanks Matt
  11. This winter I replaced my 5.7 inboard with one from Michigan Motorz. They were great to deal with and so far so good. Would definitely buy from them in the future.
  12. Good for you taking them out. Believe it or not, you'll miss days like that in the future. Be patient and enjoy it.
  13. How far behind the ball were you running? Nice job!
  14. Update for anyone considering the TR-1. As mentioned above, a little modification to the bracket is all I needed. Been using the TR-1 for almost 4 weeks now and it works perfectly!!! I'm just using it to hold a course right now and make minor adjustments, haven't got it to anything more yet. I'd do it all over again if I had to. Those of you with older kickers like mine that still run like a champ may want to consider this option. Matt
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